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Star Vietnamese L test drive and the listing tasting will end successfully!

China Star Middot; Star Yue L price range is 1.372 million yuan to 1.852 million yuan. Subversion with luxury strength, digital technology, subversion, and enjoy the quality of the level. On September 11, Zhuzhou Biyi Shi Star, the Tries, Trial Driving Tasting, ended!

accompanying performance, the moderator came to stand up Kove a school for this event, let us review the event of the event.

Star Yue L is Geely Automobile to enter the technology 4.0 architecture, set a global resource The latest mainstream flagship SUV, using all the good leading technology of Geely Automobile, with the support of the world-class CMA architecture technology, whether it is three major mechanical properties, intelligent technology experience, or material materials, manufacturing process is far superior Level product. Star Yue l This model is perfectly interpreted of the five global genes of the CMA architecture “safe, health, intelligence, performance, energy saving”, showing the powerful strength of SUV subverstrists, redefined compact SUV high-value standards, will attitude Leading the times.

The starry L is a A +-level compact SUV, but has the leading size of the same level, with a length of 4770/1895 / 1689mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2845mm. Like the super large cup of upgrading capacity, it also brings a more spacious and comfortable car. The full six-color vehicle body, give consumers more choices.

The star Yue L acts as a SUV model, and the elk test is as high as 79km / h. After the CEVT Central European R & D center, the chassis tuned in Europe is tuned, and the star Yue L has a brake performance that transcends many luxury brand models, and the brake distance of 100 kilometers is only 37.37 meters.

Star Yue L is equipped with a VEP4 second generation high-efficiency power engine divided intoTwo versions of power and high power, strong dynamic power combined with low speed high torque output characteristics, respond faster, feel full of strong power. And two versions of the third generation 7dct EVO dual clutch alternator and the love letter 8AT gearbox are equipped with high-efficiency transmission and power transmission smoothness.

At the same time, Star Yue l was equipped with the first generation of Borg Warna, the sixth generation of Boger, the sixth-generation, and a stronger passing performance.

In intelligence, Star Yue L enables the whole vehicle all-domain FOTA online upgrade technology, is the only equipped in traditional fuel SUV to achieve vehicle in intelligent security domain, information The FOTA upgrade feature of the full-featured domain in the entertainment domain, the dynamic base domain, the body control domain, continuously allows the vehicle to obtain the latest technical features and functions. The new digital intelligent interactive system equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip can be in seconds, and the human car is seamlessly communicated. The sky is born in the sky, which is the most brightest star in the Chinese auto industry.

Airport Middle; Geely flagship store now make an appointment test drive star, you can receive a high-end coffee cup for free, welcome to come to the product. Address: Zhuzhou, Zhuzhou, Tianguan District, Zhuzhou City, Dahai Yili Automobile 4S shop; sales hotline: 400-0731-968

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