State Grid (Liaoning) electric car to join SAIC Roewe want to seize the Northeast New Energy Network about car market

October 18, 2019, State Grid (Liaoning) Electric Motor Service Ltd. and SAIC Roewe strategic launch of the partnership ended successfully in Shenyang. Shenyang City, energy-saving and new energy vehicles Promotion Office Director Mr. Dong Ye, Shenyang City, New Energy Industry Association Secretary-General and Mr. De room also come to the scene, this grand event.

On the day Liaoning letter Chi Mei Yi Auto Sales & Service Co., Ltd. for a total of National Network (Liaoning) Electric Motor Service Ltd. delivered 100 Roewe Ei5 new energy vehicles, marking SAIC Roewe new energy another leap in the Northeast market.

create one-stop “travel + charge” service

new energy vehicles as the inevitable trend of the future development of the automobile market, the rapid development momentum in recent years, and its development can not only effectively protect the environment, the implementation of “blue sky plan”; to better promote new economic development to inject new vitality into the economic network about cars.

State Grid (Liaoning) Electric Motor Service Co., Ltd. as the implementation of national energy strategy, air pollution control and energy saving policies are the main units in August this year, we launched “e car about 4.0” platform to provide users with one-stop “travel + charging” service, launched exclusive deals and charging green Daren list, promote green travel, with its formal, professional service well received by users.

Roewe Ei5 is the Roewe new energy to carry the tripod

new energy vehicles has been a top priority Roewe brand product series, and majestic Ei5 doubt is carry the tripod majestic new energy, electric Roewe SUV Internet Ei5 unique and thoughtful new look, new space, new interconnection, as well as the global leader in new energy technology, for consumers in the traditional fuel vehicles no incomparable driving experience. Language to be more natural, more harmonious interpretation on the Roewe Ei5 SAIC Roewe exclusive electric-architecture platform, Roewe family “rhythm Design” based; highly concentrated “EIC” arrangement, to provide users with a wide appropriate ride and load space . In addition, with SAIC world-class “green core” technology, the majestic Ei5 with less power consumption to achieve a long life mileage and 40 minutes to charge and fast charge rate 80 percentage of electricity is at the same level first.

delivery ceremony site, Roewe brand to express support for the Northeast region to develop new energy vehicles, especially given orientation purchase 5 years or 600,000 km vehicle gift original price of 5,000 yuan extended warranty additional promotion policy can be described as full of sincerity.

strong cooperation have a positive impact

State Grid (Liaoning) Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. to cooperate with SAIC Roewe on the net about cars, will develop new energy network about car industry have a positive impact. The two sides will be green, environmental protection, new thinking win-win situation, to build a hub-type platform type Shared Wisdom travel service system, effectively enhance the travel convenience of users, to provide consumers with energy saving and comfortable net about car travel experience.

Internet +, age sharing economy has arrived, the National Network (Liaoning) electric vehicles and the powerful combination of SAIC Roewe, no doubt reflects the company for the environment “pay” courage, which will drive the development of new energy automotive industry, but also will give consumers more quality, convenient, environmentally friendly travel service, which will eventually lead the era of new energy network about cars.

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