Stepping on the tail of 2019, these new cars in 2020 can become the dark horse?

2019 draws to a close, but not just in 2019, every end of the year, there are always a lot before this new car market. Under first glance, you might think that these new cars are sold to the impact of the end came. But in fact, for the full year of sales for a car company, the two new models is difficult to achieve a substantial improvement. Therefore, the end of the new car does have a role to increase their brand exposure, but not for the impact of sales this year.

In contrast, those at the end of the new car market, their real in fact, the point is in force next year. One to the end they did not have enough time buffer, they would be better in this time where consumers are more enthusiastic, so that more consumers recognize them. Then force in the years after, inject more vitality into the cold market. So, at the end of the new car market, they can become the dark horse of 2020 do?

FAW – Volkswagen – Exploration shadow

guide price: 11.49-15.99 ten thousand yuan

exploration shadow is FAW-Volkswagen’s in the December launch of the new compact SUV, appeared exploration shadow to further enrich the Volkswagen SUV product line, successfully make exploration shadow, TOC exploration song and exploration Yue composition a covering small to medium-sized SUV SUV’s product matrix. From the point of view of the overall performance of the vehicle, exploration-oriented film is the average home user, the overall bias adjustment home, carrying the familiar 1.5L + 5MT / 6AT or 1.4T + 7DCT power systems.

compared with the level of models, explore the shadow is coming relatively late, but at the same time If simply compared with the same level of joint small SUV, it has a good price, than the similar positioning of SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan armor, the probe image on the starting price of more sincere. However, at present, the biggest impact on the small SUV market is actually their own brands rather than the joint venture brands, own brand strengths justIt is cost-effective, so how will explore how film performance, the answer can only be handed over to the next year’s sales results.

Honda – Hao shadow

guide price: 16.98-25.28 ten thousand yuan

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Hao shadow appeared in addition to enriching the Guangzhou Honda SUV camp, to fill the gap compact SUV, but also, and CR-V form a two-car strategy, so that consumers have more many choices. But unlike the CR-V, Hao shadow for the crowd seems to be not the same, because in contrast, has a white shadow design more personalized, more unique exterior colors and a new series – Magic Night series. These are so white shadow even more personalized, younger.

2019 compact SUV market has become more chaotic, a large number of new car replacement facelift , before RAV4 updating, after the CX-5 facelift CX-4 /, is surrounded by a large number of camouflage Ashkenazi SUV. In time come later Hao shadow like a newborn in general, although it has to show his strength, but whether we can get recognized by consumers, this is still an open question.

Ford – sharp occasion

guide price: 18.98-21.88 ten thousand yuan

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As mentioned above, the domestic compact SUV market is crowded, to a meteoric rise, either by virtue of never strong strength to play a world, or to break the shackles, into a new fine sub-SUV market, and the emergence of sharp occasion it is the latter. Ford has been a number of user groups full of feelings and the pursuit of individuality, which comes from their product’s characteristics, that is more power, better handling and more playability.

but in sharp occasion of the body, we can see a different Ford, because it is safer, more sincere use of materials, work is also more refined. Moreover, it is positioned somewhere between Maverick and sharp boundary is not confined to the compact SUV market, together with the cash Escape sales in the future, make up a larger area of ​​market coverage. Although both positioning, product prices or force also, the occasion has little sharp sword easy road, but in the homogenization evident today, I believe that the pursuit of individual young people will like it.

love cars Chi – Chi love U5

After the subsidy price: 19.79-29.21 ten thousand yuan

as of December 20, love Chi U5 pre-sale orders for the 3000 single, and love Chi in particular is set the 2020 shock “repairer sales of new forces first “goal. As love Chi car precipitate the first car launched more than three years, the meaning of love Chi U5 is important, at least for Chi love this car is. But in the new energy car allowance back slope, at the public car prices accelerate the development trend of electric vehicles, Chi love U5 is not the prospect of an uncertain.

was born in China, Ashkenazi gene, force the international market is positioning itself Chi love with cars competition features. But love Chi U5 performance point of view, and its European electric cars still have a certain distance, and different traditional car companies, who love Chi team has a variety of different fields, integration between them, and the impact will be more trade-offs It is intense. In addition, the financing is all the new forces can not bypass the topic, and these, in fact, will affect the sales performance of love Chi U5.

Po Wo car – Po Wo BX3

guide price: 9.68-13.08 ten thousand yuan

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“good, expensive, it comes,” this is myNow we see the first sentence in mind when Bao Wo car appeared. But this sentence again after seeing Bao Wo BX3, will find “your” word was missing. If that combine ad in the “expensive can be good,” is not to reverse deduce what an incredible thing of it? Despite this joke aside, look at the fertile Po BX3 performance, in fact you can see it is largely a continuation of the fertile Po BX5 design, equipped with 1.4T + 6MT / 6AT gearbox.

From the product point of view force, Po Wo BX3 is not weak, but everywhere in the small SUV high-profile, large space in front of competitors, regardless of brand Po Wo BX3 force or sense the presence of product strength are obviously not strong enough. Combined 2019 market downside we can learn, consumers are also thinking whether shopping or tastes have changed, like brainwashing advertising and marketing can indeed make the brand has a more deep-rooted performance, but the performance of the final product is better, or have excellent strength for the job.

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