Subaru sales in China poor, wronged him?

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Chinese consumers too easy but also particularly like to see these high niche or brand attributes of a car. Subaru to Chinese consumers or fans the impression that it has a legendary model Subaru WRX STI, has been participating in WRC World Rally Championship, and achieved good results, with a strong movement of genes, plus Subaru offers quite a character the entire department boxer engine and all-wheel-drive, and to maintain the identity of imports.

or more characteristics of a poke in the pain points fans, these properties also have more features Subaru’s advantage, but it is a good car?



with a storied models and glorious history can be more than Subaru

you have to admit the Japanese car glorious era, Subaru have a place in those Japanese legendary models familiar, the Subaru Impreza 22B STI impressively in the column, as the victorious champion of the WRC arena, Subaru achieved three consecutive seasons 95, 96 97, and finally had to quit because of the economic crisis WRC arena.

but do not rush excitement, and if you look at those legendary Subaru-year existence Today’s status quo model, and instantly be able to understand the principle – not brilliant on behalf of now, only represent the past.

2019 Tokyo Motor Show was officially opened, a special version of Subaru’s WRX STI famous sports car of –WRX STI Final Edition starting debut. This special edition will be the last batch of STI level models equipped EJ207 boxer engine, the limited 555 units for sale.

Similarly, the 2015 Mitsubishi Mitsubishi in order to meet the wishes of the fans, the brand name is officially released swan song Lancer Evolution X ultimate production version of the Final Edition, is up to 473 horsepower 2.0 T engine’s superior performance, limited to 1000 units.

You should not forget that the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X and Subaru WRX STI history over the last few decades fighting to the bitter end, right? But Mitsubishi ultimately be?

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution popularity in China should be even higher than the STI, and South East Motors also launched a similar appearance Mitsubishi wing of God, so Mitsubishi car sales in China is still a mess, in high-end off-road vehicles, Mitsubishi Pajero also has this same legendary artifact, also maintained import identity, keen to market it yet?

not only China, Mitsubishi full-blown recession in the world, was eventually acquired Nissan. Subaru is it not because of these reasons only and Toyota entered into a collaboration?

Mitsubishi leave you to reflect that: wishful thinking fans can not save the brand, consumers look competitiveness of their products.

There are also several legendary brand has changed the approach in the new era, produced Supra Toyota in China sells the most is the Corolla, Camry; produced NSX Honda sold in China most is the Civic and Accord; Nissan GTR produced in China is the largest selling Sylphy, Qashqai and X-Trail, Mazda rotary engine produced in China is the largest selling Angkesaila and CX-4.

Subaru compared to the level of legendary history of Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan and how? If Toyota, Honda, Mazda is ultimately changed their moisture only survive, but also what can be done Subaru adhere to self intransigence can win?


and see how AWD boxer engine?

boxer engine already is a major feature of the Subaru brand, and often even the Porsche engine uses the same kind of breath, but Porsche and actually employed Subaru boxer engine is completely different purposes.

Porsche boxer engine by using stringent requirements styling, the engine compartment must be as low, to maintain a consistent design style Porsche, for this model, even willing to adopt Porsche relatively less movement but smaller and more compact McPherson suspension. All to “small volume” as the top priority.

Subaru engine compartment on most models is not low enough demand, front suspension uses McPherson suspension still, compared boxer engine is only about the benefits a lower center of gravity.

However, the boxer engine is the presence of inherent disadvantage, however, is not a problem for Porsche because Porsche is relatively user does not care much about reliability and maintenance costs, such positioning Home Subaru brand is different, consumers are not regarded as the Subaru luxury brand, and as a family car, as far as possible to reduce the daily use expenditure cost is the most correct approach.

The results are clear, Subaru maintenance costs than conventional models Toyota, Honda than a mile,Subaru official also probably aware of this disadvantage, launched a free maintenance policy, this part of the cost pressure down, but waiting for the other to bring the maintenance of original spare parts is still a long deadlock.

As for the Subaru brand as the characteristics of the four-wheel drive and boxer engine, should or should not pursue careers, how to treat it varies a.

In fact, many mainstream brands have their own special techniques, such as hybrid Toyota, Honda Rui hybrid, Mazda Chong Chi blue sky, and so on, but for some consumer features cold, some features are not cold.

the whole system comes standard with four-wheel drive Subaru consistent characteristics, but this feature is not a strong characteristic threshold, although in the current 2.0L Subaru with four-wheel drive only, but as long as the market pay Toyota, Honda, Mazda also introduced the minutes 2.0L four-wheel drive version.

In fact, most consumers think 2.0L family cars with four-wheel drive is not necessary.


to see how the imported identity?

import identity is not an advantage, will not necessarily bring domestic decline in the quality of the decline in the quality depends on the decision-making joint venture, and Subaru also tried and Chery joint venture. If the Subaru is not a joint venture, existing models can not bring the price and performance advantages.

The reason why did not the success of Subaru and Chery particularly interesting – because Toyota is the largest and controlling shareholder of Subaru parent Fuji Heavy Industries. According to China’s industrial policies, Toyota has two sitting north and south Toyota joint venture, has no quota up.

FromA point of view, import identity is a last resort option.

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a good car is not a good price is not a good car

look Subaru Forester 2.0L, spacious interior, sensitive feedback, good fuel economy, active safety, good lighting large window area, indeed meet the standards in line with a good car on the performance, but the “good” is built on the selling price of about 180,000, the actual Subaru Forester 2.0L deluxe edition priced at 238,800 Eyesight, market offers 10,000, the full amount of floor 260,000, then that is not fragrant.

not sweet reason is that there are too many competing products can better choose this price, Subaru Forester at this price does not reflect sufficient advantage.

Many consumers may think that Subaru is imported vehicle, engine, gearbox, including four-wheel drive system, a 50,000 increase in the price of imported identity is still reasonable?

The question is, did treat imported Honda Acura, consumers not think so, and in the moment Ate Zi FAW Mazda, CX-4 engine and gearbox is also Japan imported four-wheel drive system is also likely to be imported (uncertain), it is not so much why the a Tezi premium?

on this matter in 230,000 children is only beggar edition, a Subaru Forester does not have enough sense of luxury, the interior maintain the style of plain household, the engine sounds are not meant to suppress; two did not adequate performance, exclusively powered by a 2.0L engine equipped with a CVT gearbox, lack of driving excitement. This price you can buy alreadyTop with mainstream brands or luxury brands Starter Edition, or whether power should exceed the Subaru brand length.

Another point is that many Subaru fans do not want to face the truth of — in fact, Subaru is more focused on brands and models in the home, is a thoroughly practical brand overseas the main focus of rival Toyota, Honda, Mazda, price of some models is not as Mazda and Toyota.

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to the Subaru Legacy, for example, the car in the United States equipped with the 2.5L and 2.4T (thank Friends of Scouting reminder) two engines, four-wheel drive, with an average price of 24,322 knives, market turnover average price 23,757 for the knife, the main competitor to the Honda Accord, Mazda 6, Ford Mondeo and Nissan Teana.

and Subaru have some movement positioning Mazda Mazda 6 on the average market price and the average price should be higher than the Subaru Legacy and Mazda uses only the precursor equipped with 2.5L and 2.5T two engines combination (there are plans to introduce four-wheel drive version).

As for the best-selling Subaru Forester main competitor for the Jeep free light (low Jeep positioning), Honda CR- V, Mazda CX-5 and other models, in more ground gas price.

Because of overseas Subaru and Toyota, Honda, Mazda, like positioning, imported into China, the Subaru of many models starting price of competing products have become available at the same level with the top, can Subaru says the high cost of it?

Finally, Subaru sports?

Subaru is indeed a partial sports brand, but the overall style is biased towards home. Answer an answer about the gearbox before the next, a Zhi ask why this positioning movement Subaru Legacy models have to use CVT gearbox?

The answer I give is that Legacy is a misunderstanding movement, in addition to more emphasis on comfort is the main sport locate the car.

In the United States, wrote Consumer Reports evaluation of the Legacy of:

“The Legacy tackles corners with restrainedlevels of body lean, feeling responsive and secure, but it is not as sporty as a Ford Fusion or Mazda6. The steering could use a bitmore feedback to the driver regarding road texture and cornering loads. Still, its 54.5 mph speed through our accident avoidance maneuver test . is impressive, and a testament to the Legacy’s utterly controllable, driver-friendly nature. “


[ 123] “Legacy in fast cornering body posture advantages, fast response and peace of mind, but it is not like the Ford Mondeo and Mazda 6 sports like that. steering can increase the number of driversSoil fertility and cornering grip feedback limit. Nevertheless, it is in an emergency avoidance test still reached an impressive 54.5 miles / hour speed, Legacy sufficiently controllable feature allows the driver to drive more friendly. “

Legacy 2.5L version of the acceleration in about 8.9 seconds, which is the same level than the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord to the nearly one second slower, but Legacy is the best four-wheel drive economy car, 2.4T version of the one hundred zero acceleration in about 7.1 or so seconds, in order to increase sports, this CVT transmission range of conventional analog transmission.

figure above test Mazda 6 FWD precursor model, four-wheel type is not found, only to find the corresponding news.

at the same level of vehicle performance and handling of contrast, the Subaru model performance is not strong, compared to 2.5L version of the Mazda E Tezi to be better, even if the hopes in that section has not yet entered the domestic Legacy 2.4T version also does not make sense, but not as good looking Mazda 2.5T engine with the same four-wheel drive Mazda 6, Mazda 6, and if the drive to achieve, the Subaru Legacy is even more no movement the advantage of.

In summary, we can say that the performance of the Subaru bike performed well, but in such a good price on the Chinese market, it is not too much competition, I think this is probably Subaru is the reasons for the unsatisfactory sales right in China.

The answer is obvious, is not competitive enough to sell, not the car is the price.

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