Successful PK out machine turned out to be the mother of it?

Mother so cool machine, simply and F-20 is a perfect match!

F-20 would have been the point of view, the result is machine Niang captured

Zhuhai air show for the first time last year, the F-20 aircraft mother, presumably small partners in mind. F-20 fighters after the intended image personified, and instantly initiate discussions after the second element 90 military fans and enthusiasts.

However, in this year’s air show in Changchun, F-20 ushered in a new CP, the status of the strongest aerial combat domestic independent research and development with the F-20 as the match is, the new CP can be described as one of the strongest domestic self-developed surface, then it who is it?

take a look at this set of data

5035, 1989,1778 (1756)

this measurements big enough ah! head is not small ah, your mother did not let the machine body good!

this data also dare cross shot? shady, also my machine Mother!

Do not worry! this is not a person, is the car!

it is a red flag HS7 on

2018 in the new red Flag brand new start, through a series of innovative initiatives and brand building, and constantly refresh the brand image, from the CCTV Spring Festival Evening, Frankfurt Motor show, and then deeply involved in the activities of this open air show in Changchun, comprehensive, international image display the new red Flag brand image a new look. Of course, the “catwalk” is just a new look to do the red flag of “superficial” in the real deal product, but the red flag came up with 60 years of accumulation and strength.

At present, the new Red Flag brand already has L5, H7, H5 and HS7, HS5, E-HS3, E115, S9 and other vehicle models. Future, Hongqi brand new layout will also L, S, H, Q four series of products, from cars to SUV, vehicles from traditional energy sources to the overall layout of new energy vehicles. This time, with the new F-20 CP debut as a red flag HS7, known as the Red Flag brand new latest results, representing the highest level of Chinese C-class luxury SUV’s, it is no wonder known as the ground and skyThe powerful combination.

Of course, the highest level is not blowing, the data have to speak.

First of all, in terms of price, the price of red HS7 is 349,800 -45.98 million, can be said to pierce the current domestic own brand price ceiling, directly challenge Benz GLC, Audi and BMW X3 Q5L other first-tier luxury SUV models.

Next, the model’s dimensions, length and breadth HS7 red 5035,1989 and 1778 (1756) mm (with the optional spring coil body height is 1778 mm; attachments when compared with the height of the air spring body 1756 mm), with a wheelbase of 3008 mm, direct of the standard Audi Q7, BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE.

ultimately most crucially, a sense of luxury in addition to reflecting on the price and size of the outer body, the actual use of materials, the red flag HS7 is very “kind.” Like this Nappa leather, wood trim, 14-speaker BOSE audio, full LCD instrument panel, 10.1 inches LCD touch screen control, air suspension welcome initiative to everything, basically standard are standard, as long as you can not think, no we can not.

BBA brethren:? Brother you that this is trouble Which will lead to ah you again standard how we find reasons to increase

😕 Brother is so headstrong how the

Of course,!? Although the product to the force, but have to say on the brand, its own brand or a certain gap. Recently, the topic of domestic brands up constantly, whether it is to push high-end products, or change the image for standard, for now, it seems that the efforts of many persons, but the effect is very small.

and in the efforts of these teams, without mentioning the red flag. Since the birth in 1958 so far, the red flag not only witnessed the development of China’s automobile industry, but also China’s own-brand vehicles lead the military. But it has been, although the lead time, but the market performance is difficult to lead. As a representative of the spirit of China’s automobile, Hongqi brand of extra pressure can be described as “pressure Alexander.” However, with the new Red Flag brand new full-hwan, the situation has also ushered in a new change. Data show that as of September 2019, FAW Red Flag has achieved 19 consecutive months of year on year growth. In otherWhile brands have flat efforts, the red flag of this achievement will undoubtedly make people jealous.

brother fight ten !!!

Indeed, as the F-20 chief designer Yang said: “We engage in equipment, especially engaged in the system, there is a gradual improvement gradual process of accumulation from an initial idea has, in the end the process of its implementation, to be a down to earth step by step in accordance with the established procedures, the real work to do, but also out of (both thinking), two things that must be done. “

We can say that 60 years of the establishment of the red flag, and the birth of the F-20, like all the years of suffering into hiding, leaving only a full house at the time of stunning Zhaxian!

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