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Summer seat taking a hot butt, how to cool down?

Just got to pay a wickered, most drivers have begun to feel difficult to deal with the summer. After a long time, the car is sitting, and the sour is sad is approximated.

In the summer, the temperature in the car may reach 50 degrees Celsius, while the expulsive seats make the owners can’t stand. I want to drive quickly, the driver must use the ass to pass the heat of the seat, who is painful who knows.

The season seat is so high, what should we do?

In addition to parking on a cool place, some owners will purchase spray-type cooling outside of the air-stop glass and on the side window Agent. However, the TV reported that such a cooling agent has a possibility of flammable explosion, although it can cool down, it is very dangerous, and even after using the explosion, the door is broken, and it is conceivable to know the injury in the car. .

So, the summer can reduce the seat temperature and the reliable configuration can attempt


The seat ventilation although it is easy to use, it has been encountered for the vast majority of the owners. Because most of the original seat ventilation features are high-end cars are equipped, even some luxury brands will have, such as Mercedes. This brings regrets to most of the owners, including Xiaobian yourself.

There is no model with a seat with a seat ventilation, and the late modified seat is air into the first choice for the owners. But the premise of modified seat ventilation is to spend money, but also have to be hurt to remove the original seat.

The seat ventilation function requires not only a fan in the seat, but also requires the surface of the seat to be punched, so that ventilation can be realized. The modified quality is good, the fan is small, and the price is not low.

If the original seat does not punch skin, it has to increase the punching to use the seat ventilation, calculate the cost of labor, not a few thousand yuan.

When you have a bad money, the problem isCome, change ldquo; hair dry RDQUO; or ldquo; suction rDQUO;?
Hair drying seat ventilation

As the name suggests, the blow-blowing ventilation is blowing with the fan from the outside of the seat to the outside, and the person sitting on the top can directly feel the same blow. Experience. Compared to sucking, the blown seating body is obvious. Even more high-end cars, introducing air conditioning cold winds while blowing, can increase the speed of the seat cooling.

However, blowing seats are blown directly to the human body, if the driver and passengers sweat, or the physiological school girl and pregnant woman, use such a hair dryer, not It is good to be healthy, even patients with colds, rheumatism. Therefore, the suction seat will make up for such a shortage.

suction type seat ventilation


The ventilation of the suction is the same as the turbine fan fan, with ldquo; 抽 rDQUO; air to reduce the seat surface temperature, this for the person Say healthier, will not be blown up directly. However, the suction ventilation seat takes a certain time to feel cool, and the body feels directly from the blowing seat.

Compared with the above, the structure of the suction seat is more complicated, and the control of noise control and suction wind has higher requirements, which causes its modification cost higher. . The owners who want to modify the ventilating seats can be modified according to their own conditions and needs.

In addition, the owner without the modified funds wants to achieve similar seat ventilation, or purchase some online

The current ventilation cushion is alsoDivide wind and suction


wherein the hair drying is relatively relatively, and the price is lower. Most of the suction cushions have a sustainable fan in front of the seat. Compared to modified seats, the suction cushion noise is large, and it will have a comfortable experience of passengers in the car.

The sun has been quietly coming, is your seats that have been exposed to high temperatures? Cooling spray is not safe, the ice pad is brought out, and only ventilation makes you safe cool. If you feel comfortable experience, you can add summer ventilation equipment for your seat ~

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