Sunshine Toyota Coaster Toyota Coaster 4S shop interior conversion price

Toyota Coaster (FAW Toyota Coaster) 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, 23, car sales, luxurious interior conversion. Coaster whole beautiful shape, the interior layout modifications take full account of the balance of the vehicle and the Toyota Coaster, each passenger can personal experience distinguished. The overall layout of the atmosphere, harmonious and practical.

Toyota Coaster modified saloon cars, can be equipped with bathroom, kitchen, sofa bed, wardrobe, bedside table, desk heads of seats. Secretary desk seats, all-electric switch with a cut off doors, roof sky full of stars, the whole car yacht teak flooring, etc., in short, the Toyota Coaster 9 can hold everything you want to install, and low-end price of high-end RV RV experience.

Toyota COASTER Coaster Super VIP Extreme high-end all the way to enjoy a customized version to create the most “comfortable” seats a lot of people know, some of the luxury car business car seat is not too much emphasizing comfort, often using only “leather processing” on the customer experience is not very good. Toyota Coaster in Cowes appearance of design, there are many programs, chrome front grille and rub against the line, front rear imaging equipment to increase and improve the traffic safety Coaster.

Toyota Coaster heads of seats and car desk, car desk is the central control of the entire vehicle. If you want, you can put all the functions of the mobile secretary gallery, all controlled by the interior secretary to complete either. The seat can be completed through the different styles and function if required. The ventilation, heating, massaging, 360 degree rotation, and the seat post moves back and forth and so on. Toyota Coaster whole car carpet, car desk, the head of seats, airline seats, car refrigerator, skin side walls, wooden decoration, lighting, and audio-visual equipment. These constitute a complete functional system. Toyota Coaster use the play to the extreme.

Toyota Coaster interior comfort is not only reflected in the interior comfort of the seat, his honor also reflected in those same distinctive design, car refrigerator, car audio and video system, we can carry out an activity K song in the car, the Toyota Coaster can also become our mobile office breakThe lounge and even KTV karaoke rooms, this intimate yet distinguished experience, what is Toyota Coaster and can be compared.

Toyota Coaster V6 4.0L modified version of the current car are: 11 Extreme Edition Coaster, Coaster 12 (Deluxe Edition, Ultimate, VIP version) 13 (VIP Edition super VIP dignitaries version, Extreme Ultimate) 16 (VIP version of the super, super VIP business Edition) 17 (VIP version, ultra-VIP business Edition) color beige metallic, certificate in line with the national seat on the card! Imported Toyota sea lions 7 (VIP Edition, Extreme, Ultimate, customized version) Toyota sea lions 8 (VIP Edition, Extreme, Ultimate, customized version) Toyota sea lions 9 (VIP Edition, Extreme, Ultimate, customized Version) hotline; 13261183333 Weijing Li the same micro-channel

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