Supervast sales new energy car 88,000 units increased by 597 months

车 讯 网 report ] On March 7, 2021, SAIC issued a production and sales express report, and sales of 246,000 vehicles in February, a year-on-year increase of 420.4 percentage. In January-February this year, the sales volume of new energy vehicles has accumulated 88,000, and the year-on-year increase of 596.8 percentage, and continued to maintain sales of new energy vehicles in China.

New energy vehicles are an important trend in the future development of the world. For a long time, SAIC has accumulated billions of dollars, forming a self-developed team of nearly three people, in ldquo; pure electricity, plugging, fuel cell RDQUO; three technical routes full layout, solid progress. Relying on domestic leading, international first-class LDQUO; battery, electric drive, electric control RDQUO; three-electric core technology, SAIC Group has launched cars, coupe, travel, SUV, MPV, light guest, bus and other dozens of new energy Car products, realize market sales, user reputation double harvest, January this year Hong Kong MINI EV is successfully promoted to the global electric vehicle single model sales champion.

It is worth mentioning that the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell mpvmdash; mdash; SAIC MAXUS Euniq 7 has been officially launched in the near future, only 3 minutes of hydrogenation, NEDC The integrated endurance mileage reaches 605 kilometers. This self-developed fuel cell vehicle, power, power density, and low temperature starting have various technical indicators, the world’s top level, representing China Automotive Enterprises to LDQUO; New Energy Automotive Target RDQUO; accelerate.

LDQUO; Airflowing rdquo in the wall, the SAIC Group also actively explores the advantages of technological innovation to overflow to overseas markets, new energy vehicles sales in Europe, Australia, Israel, Developed country markets such as Singapore have repeatedly created a new high. LDQUO; China Single Brand Export Champion RDQUO; MG brand continues to accelerate the European layout, this year, the new energy car sales close to 3,000, in the UK, Netherlands, Norway, and other countries in the market. In the year, the MG brand pure electric trolley and pure electric SUV will be in Europe, will be with existing pure electric SUV MG ZS.And plug-in strong SUV MG HS, form a powerful LDQUO; MG new energy European legion RDQUO;, in the World Automotive Industry, China’s new height is established.

Last year, the air sales of 320,000 new energy vehicles were sold at the global new energy vehicle sales, and this year will usher in ldquo; new energy big year RDQUO ;. In February, SAIC MAXUS EV90 pure electric passengers officially entered the Netherlands, Norway and Italy, R car world’s first 5G smart electric SUVARVEL R started delivery; this year, SAIC Volkswagen pure electric SUV ID.4X, pure electric car ID.3 , Pure electric SUV ID.6, Roewe new generation of pure electric traps, a series of main products such as pure electric cars, etc., will also have LDQUO; strong incompetence RDQUO; and further strengthen the SAIC’s new energy camp.

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