Suspected Ford Bronco mixed version of spy photos expect to be unveiled in 2022

Recently, we got a set of road test spy photos of a group of suspected Ford Bronco mixed version from overseas media. The new car or a mixed system of 3.0T double turbocharged V6 engine + motor is expected to be unveiled in 2022.

The new car covers extremely heavy camouflage, but we can still use the four-fourth side of the body, very identified horizontal lines of LED daytime driving lights and fog Light styling, etc. It is indeed a Ford Bronco model. However, the Bronco officially unveiled in the past year, the high-performance version of the Bronco Warthog camouflage car was also taken by overseas reporters. At this time, there is such a tight bronco what is it? We It is very difficult to guess this may be a mixed version of Bronco.

This speculation is not empty, before the Ford CEO Jim Farley answered netizens on the social media, why didn’t introduce the bronco electric model, From this point of view, the electric version of Bronco may already be on the road. The road test in this shot has also increased the possibility of this speculation. First, a more abrupt orange wire and an electronic integrated device can be seen under the front door. Second, the roof part can see a significant increase and cover the disguise, speculative may be a solar panel for charging. In addition, the new car uses a small size noodle tire, which has never been used in any Bronco model, which is to improve the life of the model.

Dynamic, new car or padded version of the 3.0T double turbocharged V6 engine + motor Mixed system, power training may be different. The current Ford Bronco production line is forced to suspend production due to the chip shortage, and it is expected to further postpone a mixed version of the model to 2022. (Spy photos Source: motor1)

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