Take 10 billion US dollars to make a car, will Xiaomi will succeed?

Although the millet is not sure that the millet will formally announce the car at the press conference, I still have two consecutive nights in front of the computer. It has been broadcast on the online broadcast of Xiaomi’s spring new product conference this year. As a “half” rice noodle that has purchased a lot of millet products, I feel very big. Let’s talk directly to my understanding of the millet.

In fact, there are not many information disclosed at this time, and the most important thing is summarized. There are many points: 1, Xiaomi has a lot. Money; 2, Lei Jun personally hangs. So the conclusion is that the Lei Jun is fully prepared, whether in the thinking or action, and determined to fight for Xiaomi.

Despite the astonity called “the last major entrepreneurial project of life”, it is actually at the release of the night, and the pressure axis debut is only occupied. Half time. Anyone who is going, all are sequential. As the Lei Jun himself said, the decision of this car is not only based on the past successful experience and confidence, but also gambling all the reputation of his life.

Of course, there is still money on gambling, very much money.

The first phase of Xiaomi will take 100 billion yuan, and then invested 10 billion yuan in the next 10 years, and this home is established for the car. The new company is Xiaomi 100% wholly-owned ownership, and does not take this financing “circle”. I believe this bottom gas coming from the current cash reserves of 108 billion yuan on Xiaomi account.

What is the concept of 108 billion cash reserves? As a reference, I list several numbers for your reference.

According to the annual report of Xiaopeng Auto, as of the end of last year, cash, cash equivalents, restricted funds and short investment totaled 35.342 billion yuan; according to the annual report of Jeman, as of the end of last year, account cash and The equivalent is 42.5 billion yuan; the ideal automotive annual report shows that the cash reserves of the end last year are 29.87 billion yuan.

In other words, Xiaomi current cash reserves,More than Xiaopeng, the awareness and the ideal cash reserve sum.

The three armies did not move, and the grain is in advance. With such a sufficient funds in hand, Xiaomi naturally does not need to be around the capital market and investors, and make a variety of compromises for “living”, can truly act in their own initiative. Although there is no design chart or renderings of a concept car at the press conference, there is no PPT that describes product details or features, but I want to make some bold prediction from my development ideas and product characteristics of Xiaomi.

Lei Jun has always emphasized the “three iron” of Xiaomi to continue to adhere to “technology-oriented, cost-effective, be the coolest product”, so I believe that Xiaomi is also following these three points. . At the press conference, the Lei Jun also did not propose “high-end” two words. It can be seen that the brand positioning is definitely popular, and the technology and cost performance, the price will not be too high.

Let’s talk about technology, although there is currently no detail of technology, and whether it really uses the model of cooperative, it is obvious that Xiaomi is developing in operating system, and including Xiai Ai classmates. AI intelligence Intelligent science and technology in interaction, car home, etc., the ability is obvious to all.

Of course, people who are familiar with Xiaomi know that the millet products are the most powerful, and they can achieve the best balance between users experience and cost prices.

It is just a few new mobile phones and computers, hardware performance and experience, which are released in this millet, is completely less than even exceeding other brands. But the price can really be cheaper than the opponent. The surface is just a price, but in fact, this is a full range of strengths such as the entire R & D system, integrated capacity, supply chain and cost control.

As for “the coolest”, it is mainly in the appearance interior design, human-machine interaction, and intelligent interconnection scenarios. According to the design style and adjustment of the current millet product, I personally have a small design and aesthetic level, still more confident.

Of course, I have said so many things that are only the theoretical level, the car and the mobile phone are completely different,The final product form of Xiaomi cars can only be evaluated after the official mass production is listed.

Finally, Xiaomi cross-borderly made me, let me think of the development model of Jia Yueping, who has created LeTV car, which is also an important reason for the attitude of Xiaomi’s doubt. But in my opinion, the two are essentially different.

The first is funds. Jia Yue Ting has always been the operation of the entire commercial empire before the start of the car. At that time, both mobile phones, TV, sports, shadow, etc., are still in the state of crazy burning money, did not achieve true Beneficial cycle. It is a very high threshold, which has a great investment, which has a long cycle, so that the lack of LeTV chain breaks, the whole line is rushing.

However, Xiaomi under the Leadership of Lei Jun currently did not have this problem. Xiaomi’s mobile phone business has realized the world’s third world, and achieves sustained profitability and benign development. The entire intelligent home ecology has been fundamentally formed, and the cash reserves are sufficient. It is “loss” with the original words of Lei Jun.

I believe that anyone who has entrepreneurial experience will know how important it is “loss”.

Second, it is a huge shift in the entire society and industry ecology.

In Jia Yueping, I decided to be a dream asphyxia, high-end smart electric car or an extremely fresh and bold ideas, even Tesla Also just in the beginning of the beginning, there is no experience or case for rejection.

Objectively, at that time, whether it is a cognitive level of the new thing in the Chinese society, the national policy support, and even electric vehicles, the supply chain system, business model, etc. It’s far from today’s market situation.

More than one of the shareholders of Weilai and Xiaopeng, Lei Jun has studied and witnessed the process from zero starting and development of electric vehicles, and does not despise the difficulty and risk of the car. It is also fully able to circumvent the previous people to step on various pits, which greatly reduces the cost of trial error. [123

The last point is also the most important point. After several entrepreneurs, especially after the creation of millet, tens of millions of millet users have become faithful. “Rice Powder”, and the Lei Jun himself is also a “kol” that is self-vented. These loyal fans will be easily transformed into potential users and fans of millet cars. This is desirable for any smart electric car company.

Of course, the premise is that the Lei Army should not smash this one, and the white waves are wetted from the good reputation that the millet has accumulated. Tianxia (policies and regulations), land (huge market), people and (rice noodles foundation), Xiaomi appear to have, everyone will look at the future of Xiaomi’s car?

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