Take the birth! 1.389 million, UNI-T sports version listing

As the first model of Changan Automobile High-end product sequence, UNI-T listing is less than one year, with excellent sports appearance and super high quality, accumulated sales exceed 100,000 mark. The UNI T sports version is launched, it is further emphasizing the motion attributes of the model. Become a two-day selection of stylish urban young people.

Changan Uni-T sports version price is 1.389 million yuan. Chang’an Automobile provides users with a financial policy for the first payment of half-price purchase, provided the first quality policy of the first car owner’s core component for lifetime warranty, provided 6000 yuan replacement subsidy policy. It also provides a free base flow. And book a car within 30 days, timeout 99 yuan daily cash subsidy. For the user, attractive is full.

So what changes in the UNI-T movement model compared to normal versions?

The first is a new sports kit from the appearance, and we have seen the design more complex under the front of the front. Coupled with the boundless front face intake grill used by UNI-T, the overall movement and low squad.

At the same time, the vehicle uses a particularly orange young element to embellish, such as the orange decorative strip surrounded by the front and rear, and then there are many orange decorative elements.

20 inches of smoked black knife wheel on the side of the body, The brake calipers are also sprayed into yellow. Give people a sense of combat power. It reflects very strong exercise temperament.

The variation in the car is also very large, first in the material, it has improved, and the motion integration is used on the seat. The material of the fur and leather splicing is used on the backrest of the seat. In addition, many orange elements are used in the interior, including the edges of the seat, and the surroundings around the surroundings and air conditioners. Further improves the sense of motion. It is also used on the steering wheel.The material of the flushing and leather splicing.

In terms of power, UNI-T movies are equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, 132 kW, 360 Nm, matching 7 Speed ​​wet dual clutch gearbox. The Uni-T Sports also adds the elastic mode for the preferences of young users.

Starting, it is a must-have configuration on a small super-sports car. Its basic principle is to step on the brake before starting, while deep stepping on the throttle, so that the engine is stable in a rotational speed corresponding to the maximum output torque (at this time, the clutch of the automatic transmission is in the engaged state, since the brake vehicle cannot travel, the clutch plate In a dramatic sliding friction, keep this state transmission overheat damage or trigger overheat protection, if the brakes are released in an instant, at this time, the vehicle is in powerful explosion.

The Uni-T movie version can initiate the function of the ejection start by setting in the vehicle system. By the fitting of the throttle and brakes, the engine start speed is enhanced to enable the vehicle to increase the vehicle speed in maximum acceleration. So I think the elastic mode will have a very attractiveness to the user. Taking into account the price of 1.389 million yuan, there is also a more sporty modeling. UNI-T sports version will definitely become a young man pursuing fashion sports, the best choice.

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