Tasted the sweetness of the SUV, Volkswagen has pushed a new car, named “into the shadows”, listed at the end

in the SUV field, FAW-Volkswagen is a “no rains it pours,” was launched nearly two years of exploration song, Yue explore two models have achieved a very good market performance, exploration Yue sales in September even exceeded 20 million units. Tasted the sweetness, FAW – Volkswagen has to build on the progress the introduction of the third paragraph SUV – TACQUA (exploration shadow). New car is positioned as a small SUV, based on the European version of the build from T-Corss.

Unlike siblings SAIC Volkswagen T-Corss way armor of tough style, FAW – Volkswagen exploration shadow front face of the classic banner type intake “open eyes” and both sides of the grid convergence headlamps group, in calm also adds a bit more than the dynamic atmosphere, is also introduced into the circular area fog chrome, showing somewhat Meng sense.

R-Line version and details of the lower bumper and the like were redesigned look more sporty. At the same time, the new car uses the latest public flattened style LOGO.

car styling rich sense of power, popular throughout the waist style throughout the taillights and other elements are reflected. It is worth mentioning that the new rear standard printed below “TACQUA” few letters are visible to the public once exclusive family design popularization of high-end models.

size, the car’s length and breadth were 4194/1760 / 1601mm, wheelbase up to 2651mm, compared to similar competing products, mainly in wheelbase slight advantage, at the same time, the new car’s compartments more abundant, enhance certain convenience.

The interior, exploration continues the strong Movies “public taste” to smooth vertical and horizontal lines outline the layout in the control simple atmospheric , the overall style tends to be calm.

At the same time, the new car is equipped with three flat-bottomed multifunction steering wheel, full LCD instrumentation, 8 inches touch screen in the control and other mainstream configuration, also optional panoramic sunroof, believe a series of functional configuration is sufficient to meet the daily needs of most consumers. However, in selected materials, large areas of hard material tells us that it is still the public to pay attention to costs.

Finally, in the power section, FAW-Volkswagen MQB A0 explore shadow based platform to build from, equipped with the familiar 1.5L and 1.4T two engines , respectively, the maximum output power of 113 hp and 150 hp, the transmission system and 7DCT matching 6AT gearbox.


shadow of exploration, FAW – Volkswagen improve its product distribution in the SUV market is undoubtedly of great significance. Currently, songs exploration, exploration Yue are compact and midsize SUV market capable players, and explore the introduction of the film to fill vacancies small SUV, the future perhaps there will be added in the large SUV. With full coverage of the SUV segment, the FAW – Volkswagen’s competitiveness will also be increased accordingly.

However, in the small SUV market nowadays, FAW – Volkswagen exploration shadow most need to worry about, not the sibling T-Cross passers armor, but Honda XR-V, and other Japanese rivals and Chi Bin Bin Vietnam Geely and other independent competing products. In September, Honda XR-V with sales of 17,514 units topped the list this year, the cumulative sales have exceeded 10 million units, market base and popularity are afraid explore this shadow “newcomers” are hard to shake.

At the same time, the Baojun 510, the more helter-skelter Geely and other independent models but also with the price advantage in the market, killing four …… brand aura has been but want to be like predecessors to create a brilliant like to explore shadow of product strength, cost is still quite high requirements.

In short, as one car prices will “double-car strategy,” the most successful play, the public “face lift” push new efficiencies It is indeedadmire. Whether SAIC’s “way” Generation name or FAW’s “explore” Generation name, then a new car to market a determination to show the public campaign SUV market.

However, here Xinjiang brother also Tucao about Volkswagen currently somewhat confusing naming policy, if the “way” Generation name is Shanghai Volkswagen the SUV products, but the MPV Touran apparently also mixed in. With rich lineup, one similar name is hard to distinguish. For the new car TACQUA it, since in the FAW – Volkswagen SUV ranked third in the family, might as well be called “third overall” mean?

joking aside, the future of FAW-Volkswagen shadow explore how to get the market performance is still quite exciting to be in a public competition at home and abroad to achieve a breakthrough at extrusion products, continue the family brilliant, really new car pressure is not small, and perhaps this is for the FAW – Volkswagen brand power of another test. It is reported that exploration shadow has now entered the stage of mass production, will be officially listed before the end of the year, or at the starting price of around 12 million, for its follow-up performance, we will wait and see!

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