Tesla Model S Plaid Overseas Delivery for 2.1 seconds

Tesla announced its future battery matrix on the battery day of last year (US local time), and announced the Model s Plaid. As the performance version of Model S, the speed of Model S Plaid is second only to Tesla Roadster 2, 100 kilometers accelerated 2. 1 second, with a maximum speed of 322 km / h.

On June 11 (Beijing time), Tesra Model S plaid was officially delivered in the Fremont Super Plant in California.

According to Tesla US official website, Model S PLAID has a sales price of 12999 million US dollars, which is not marked with a large number of US $ 11.999 million. The information on the domestic official website has also been updated, and the price is raised by 60,000 yuan. It is now sold for 10.5999 million yuan. Model S Plaid’s delivery time is expected to be in the first quarter of 2022.

Mask has been mentioned in the early days of this month. Referring to the recent price increase in Tesla in this month: “Tesla’s price is due to supply chain pressure, especially the pressure of raw materials.”

At the same time, Mask has recently stated in the tweet to cancel performance and battery stronger, and use the 4680 battery model of Model S Plaid + version of the model, which is the PLAID version. It is already good enough, no longer need a PLAID + version. Coupled with this plan to deliver in 2021, but there is no moving SEMI electric truck. Behind a series of cancellation and delay delivery, it is foreseen that Tesla’s new battery has problems in capacity.

Saplified back to Model S Plaid, this new car as a top-forming performance after Model S changed, from the shape, it still hits MODEL S’s overall shape, wind resistance The coefficient is 0. 208cd. The change in the change is the interior design of the new car, especially the bright new steering wheel, is like aircraft joystick. The medium control LCD screen has reached 17 inches, which is reported to be mentioned on the extent and reaction rate of screen.Liter, the screen can also be adjusted on the left and right tilt angles.

According to the official introduction, the rear seats have also improved compared to the old models, not only the shape is more in line with ergonomics, but also in the back air conditioner. The low-conditioned position increases an 8-inch LCD screen, and has a built-in game that can be entertaining with a wireless handle.

On other configurations, the new car is also equipped with a new UI design (all functional areas can be magnified separately), a new Bluetooth system (support multiple devices simultaneously) , Front and rear mobile phone wireless charging and multiple USB-C fast charge interfaces, 920W advanced audio systems (22 speakers and active noise reduction functions).

As for the power part of the consumer’s most concerned, the Model S Plaid is equipped with three motors and many aerodynamic kits to achieve ultimate acceleration performance. Under the push of 1020 horsepower, Model S plaid is only 2.1 seconds, with a maximum speed of 322 km / h. The official announcement of WLTP is 628 kilometers.

As the top-board model of Tesla Model S, Model S Plaid optionally enhanced automatic auxiliary driving function, including automatic auxiliary navigation driving, automatic assistance, Automatic parking, intelligent summones and other functions.

It is not difficult to see that performance improvement is the maximum bright spot of Model S Plaid, and its performance is already compared to shoulder Taycan. In the world’s most iconic track, the Model s Plaid prototypes tested on the Seka track, with a single-zone score of 1,30.3 seconds, the Porsche Taycan, became Laguna Middot; Quarta speed is the fastest mass production car.

■ State Review:

From Silicon Valley Iron Man to the world’s richest, Mask staged a miracle, and he ledTesla is also constantly breaking the records of yourself. Model S PLAID has a maximum of 322 km / h, and it is even comparable to F1, and the biggest problem is perhaps the delivery time. 25 vehicles were delivered, and approximately 100 vehicles were produced in the initial week. By the third quarter of this year, 1,000 were produced by Masque.

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