Tesla open maintenance and maintenance prices, cheaper than BBA?

We know that when a fuel car is maintained, the largest expenditure project is to replace the oil, the machine is filtered, that is, the so-called routine maintenance. And the usual price of the working hours of the 4S shop is also relatively high. So some consumers are not going to 4S store maintenance after bought a car, because this can save money.

As a pure electric vehicle, since it has no engine gearbox, there is a lot of daily maintenance. As long as the battery does not have serious damage, then in addition to replacing the glass water, there is not much maintenance in addition to the replacement of the tire. So this is also a lot of users to buy pure electric cars, the main reason is that its post-use cost will be relatively low.

In addition to maintenance, the maintenance cost is expensive or cheap?

Recently, Tesla opened the national unified maintenance and maintenance. From this price, we look at Tesla and Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, the price is expensive or cheap.

First we look at the comparison of the price of the body parts, compared with the above table, we can find the price of the body parts of Tesra Model 3 It is more cheap than BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Lexus, but there are also individual projects than they expensive, expensive projects mainly from the three projects of front windshields, rear windshields and skylight glass. Because Tesra Model 3 is a panoramic sunroof, the glass is large, so it can only be replaced once, there is no way to repair. Therefore, the cost of replacement is relatively high, and the cost of the skylight glass replacement cost of Tesra Model3 is 7750 yuan. This price is much more expensive than BMW and Audi, but this price is cheaper than the price of Mercedes-Benz C.

In addition to the glass, in other body parts price comparison, Tesla Model3 has a more obvious advantage.

And I think there are two reasons, on the one handThe reason is that Tesla is due to a pure electric car, so its body structure is relatively simple, Tesla’s battery is arranged on the entire chassis, so Tesla Model3 is a front box, there is a backup The box, so no matter how it collides, it still collides into the back, the parts of the parts are not so much. But if the Mercedes, the BMW has collided, for example, after the head is collided, because the engine is in front, there will be more components that are damaged.

Another reason may be that Tesla Model3 is indeed relatively low in individual parts, so that Audi A4’s headlights are indeed more expensive, and the cost will naturally be relatively high. But no matter how to justify Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Tesla is also very advantageous in parts.

We are looking at some commonly used maintenance prices, in fact, the price is not expensive. And these little things, actually purchased online, can be replaced. Some project Tesla is not charged. Just collect some working hours.

Tesla is open to the price of maintenance and maintenance, but also want to see the user, now the new energy car era, new energy car It is much cheaper than traditional fuel gifelings in the later use, but we can’t forget that the overall value of new energy vehicles is not very good, especially the phenomenon of new energy automotive batteries and inevitable attenuation. Therefore, although the post-use cost is very low, the value ratio is not high, and the two are almost the same. However, in a long time, pure electric cars must have advantages.

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