Test drive “7 version” Ang Kowa: There are 5 and 7, will it be the opponent of Hanlanda?

Time is 7 years, Angkewei has grown from 10% sincerely since 2014, growing into the current SUV market. At the same time, Angkowa has also become a Angkawi family including Angkewei, Angco S, and is about to listed.

Buick Ango

Buick Ang Kuwei S

On the eve of the new car listing ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, In order to facilitate expression, in the following content, China is referred to as Angkawi Plus. What surprises will the new car bring to consumers? Today, let’s take a look.

Ang Kuwai Plus inherited the current latest design of Buick, comparable to the flagship SUV Angkean, and the flying wing tribe of the running wings is mixed with a honeycomb. The grade effect of the whole vehicle, “獠 獠” and the lower enclosure, sharp degree is not good. On the “Sports” and “Fierce”, the shape of Ang Kuwei PLUS seems to be more harmonious.


Championship, Angke The tail of the Plus does not seem to have the decline with Angkean. But carefully compare, or you can find the difference between the two. Transparent shell crystal taillights, thinner penetrating chrome-plated knits, silver underwriting plates, with more atmospheric bilateral exhaust decoration, Ang Kuwei PLUS grade is full.


compared to the Angkawi family Other models, Ang Kuwei Plus nature is not white. 4845/1883 / 1695mm body size, plus 2833mm wheelbase performance, than Kuwei, Ang Kuwei S is more burilant, more close to the current Toyota Handa model for sale. In this way, Ang Kuwei PLUS completely stepped into the ranks of standard medium SUVs.

Ang Kuwawei Plus appearance is just an appetizer, and it is true to enjoy it in the car. Although Ang Kuwei Plus interior model simply inherited a consistent luxurious interior layout, it would find that when you really sit in the main driving position, you will find that Ang Kuwei Plus does not look so simple.

The 8-inch LCD instrument panel information shows a comprehensive, central control large screen display effect is delicate, and the touch reaction is quite agile. Only for security considerations, the central control system does not allow mobile interconnection and other complex operations during the driving process.

However, the central control retains a large number of physical buttons, but the button damping effect is set, it is very easy to use. Mobile phone wireless charging is also quite practical.

The most popular button shifting mechanism at the time is not absent, saving a large amount of space in the vehicle. Just if you are used to the traditional gear, it takes a little time to adapt to the electronic file of Angco Plus.

In addition, the routine rearview mirror of the conventional rearview mirror can be switched, and the HUD header display, the 360 ​​panorama image is available.

Thanks to the ANC active noise reduction system capable of reverse the noise, and a sealing material that is full of fire materials. Kuwai Plus has a very quiet, engine noise, wind noise, and tire noise, etc. are completely isolated outside the crew, this point has left very deep impression, or said, Ango Plus NVH performance is also enough to have enough air with a luxury brand.

Due to the increase in the body size, the second exhaust space of Angco Plus is wide and comfortable, and the seat material is also satisfactory. Ang Kuwei Plus offers 5 and 7, while 7 versionsAng Kuwei Plus provides 2 + 3 + 2 seat layout, and “Easy-Entry” function is provided on both sides of the second row, one hand can put the second chair Enter the third row. It is only the third row that can only be used to emergency, long-distance driving is not friendly for the third row of occupants.

Buick Angco PLUS is equipped with the current 2.0T variable cylinder of the mainstream of the SAIC. Engine, maximum power 237PS, peak torque 350nmIddot; M, and matches 9AT gearbox, and the current Angkuwei S is the same power. In order to further improve fuel economy, SAIC is generally added to this power assembly to increase 48V mixed technology. According to official claim, there is a 48V light mixing system that can further save 7% fuel consumption.

To know, even the flagship SUV Angke flag, no 48V light mixing system is added. This time, the first is the first to apply on the Angkawi PLUS, and you can see yours. Thanks to the output of the 48V motor in the starting stage, and the 3rd gear is set, the Plus Plus in Ango is very smooth. In the process of test drive, there is no significant feeling of the shift in the trial driving process.

Only under the drag of the vehicle, the acceleration performance of the whole vehicle is not highlighted, but it will not be short. The gearbox shift is sufficiently positive to improve fuel economy. During the road to the air-conditioning, 4 people opened the air conditioning, Ang Kuwei Plus ran out of the 8.5L of the hundred kilometers of fuel consumption, and the guys didn’t look very nice.

In the process of test drive, there is a rugged mountain road, and the rain is extremely slippery, and the timely four-wheel drive system provides a more stable power output in the mountain section.

During continuous turning, Ang Kuwai PLUS is equipped with a CDC liquid shock absorbing suspension system.Tropic to maintain the stable posture of the body, just the tire master of the horse card PC6 series is comfortable, not very good at the water road, to a certain extent, affect the grip performance.

Write in the last

, it is positioned between Angkewei, which is located between Angkewei and Angke Plus, its product design is very clear, this is a mid-range model of the main family of 5 mainmen.

Compared to medium SUV overlord Handa, Kuwei Plus directly puts his own level, the internal meta, the scientific and technological configuration and sound insulation effect is better than luxury Brand, and these happened to Toyota Hanlan did not be good at, the future, Hanland Da will sell new and old, obviously Ang Kuwai Plus wants to play heavy punches in the seven-inch of the current Hanta. Ang Kuwei Plus is about to be officially launched on June 19. The current Hanlana price range is 23.98-3258 million, and how to deny the lying flat, how can I pric? How to prize? It is worth looking forward to! Welcome to “the” car domain “, leave a message below, share your opinion on Do Ke Ango Plus.

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