Test drive experience Volvo S90: In addition to safety, what is it there?

Speaking vehicle “safe” word, I am sure you will emerge out of mind looked like a Volvo car standard seat belt. Indeed, as the safety car prices in the first place, Volvo vehicle safety, no one can match his, either in America or China PICC IIHS study also crash test, it can be sitting on top of the list. But the so-called fish and can not have both, to achieve the ultimate word in a way bound to sacrifice its opposite, because Volvo safety performance too well, so that led consumers to buy a car tend to ignore it from a luxury brand Nordic Sweden. That being the case, it might just completed with Volvo’s S90 mid-term facelift for example, to look beyond security, Volvo, what?


If the two old and new Volvo S90 together layman is difficult to distinguish them because new models are focused on the details of the position change. Straight waterfall grille trim richer texture, while the gas field is greater; headlights on both sides are still highly recognizable pattern Quake, and since the internal cavity designed using blackened, so that the lighting headlight after the crystal clear effect even more, increasing the period of the lower bumper thick chrome, so that the whole car looks more stable, dignified. In addition, in order to cover more consumer groups, but also new Volvo S90 R-Design sports package, the net style dress is blackened lattice pattern, while the lower bumper shape is more complex, particularly rich sports atmosphere.

The new side molding more concentrated and movement between Deluxe Edition, Deluxe Edition wherein the window line and the position of the side skirts are added chrome decorative elements, while sport models are in the same position facelift blackened window line and add bright black mirrors, create a different kind of visual motion. New car length and breadth were 5090 * 1879 * 1450mm, wheelbase is 3061mm.

the rear section, using the same tail light echoes blackened headlight element, dual exhaust replaced the original hidden, personal feeling practice some across the board, sport models can be retained.

Interior Design

mid-term facelift S90 interior styling has not changed, is still strong Nordic flavor, large wood trim with leather material, enter car like exposure to the Nordic forest, make the body and mind fully relaxed. 12.3 inches and the whole liquid crystal composition 9 inches dashboard display in the control though the car has been used for many years in a Volvo, but the display resolution, the response speed of the system is still in the first tier at the same level, with a very smoothly. It is worth mentioning that the original T8 models get exclusive crystal stalls below, but with models only.

Volvo security configuration has been a major selling point, and it comes standard with driver assistance L2 level from the lowest to start with, features include lane departure warning, lane keeping , active braking, fatigue driving, driving help the driver reduce the risk and impact in the event of collision mitigation efforts as much as possible.

performance space

before the said space first talk about this seat, which is jointly by the Swedish Volvo joint spine specialists development, can be fully fit with the body, effectively reducing the pressure to take a long time to bring the actual experience also confirmed that telling the truth, after an afternoon test drive, waist position without too much protest sound. At the same time in the event of a collision, the seat can also play a protective effect on the spine.

compared to the front, rear seat comfort greatly reduced, first internal filling hard, and secondly due to the excessive height of the seat cushion floor short reason, resulting in a higher tall passengers sitting in the back have a feeling of sitting on a small bench, a sense of floating serious thigh, waist long ride can obviously feel the pressure.

dynamic experience

Powertrain is the focus of this facelift, the new car the entire department added 2.0T gasoline engine on the basis of 48V mild hybrid systems, while also suffix T5 replaced B5. Maximum horsepower 250, peak torque 350Nm, matching speed manual transmission 8box.

added benefit 48V light mixing system, start and stop the engine each time a number of movement becomes gentle, and 20 m, because it is powered by a drive motor started at a traffic light, the fast dynamic response, almost equivalent to the electric car, as the speed increases, the engine begins to take over the power output during the switching process is very smooth, without any unexpected sense.

2.0T steady stream of high power output engine power, the legal speed limit in the driver did not feel fatigue, overtaking acceleration is coherent, but 8-speed manual gearbox tuned conservative ideas, there will be about a half-second delay, the power will be transmitted to the wheels every time you step on the gas deep.

Chassis, the Volvo S90 before and after the multi-link double-wishbone independent suspension, there may be consumers driving European comparison value, so S90 suspension tuning style more rigid. Fortunately bumpy road encountered crushing, can rely on the tires and seat under false pretenses, but encountered bumps, more rigid suspension performance will be exposed, vibration is transmitted from the vehicle can be easily passed up to the cabin, on the comfort has been affected.


a lap down to experience, I understand why Volvo terminal market will be more than 100,000 of terminal benefits, if the car price guide from the official point of view, it emerged with its product strength obviously do not deserve such a high price because the price can buy the same shape, power, brand than it is good Ashkenazi three, Volvo S90 in before them uncompetitive. So manufacturers forced to desperation, can only take price change tactics, take C-Class Identity and BBA’s midsize sedan competition, from the results, this strategy does work, but it would seriously hurt their brand image, consumer Volvo luxury brand impression will become increasingly blurred.

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