The best time to “lightning” reproduce! Purity Edition F-150 Name New Dimensional Exposure

车 讯 网 report ] Recently, foreign media reported, a Ford internal document provided by unknown people showed that Ford is likely to restart the family for the upcoming pure electric F-150 pickup The name of the legend of the legend Mdash; mdash; ldquo; lighting (lightning) rdquo ;. Although it did not get formal confirmation or clear feedback from Ford, according to the media, in this document, LDQUO; F-150 LightNingRdquo; E-Transit Pure electric, which was officially released, as well as the officially released Mustang Mach-E, and finally released at the end of last year The van is connected in parallel. If this is true, then this news has undoubtedly have sufficient credibility. After all, the performance of pure electric F-150 is undoubted, there may be no more suitable than the car fans about ldquo; lighting (lightning) RDQUO; memory is more suitable Opportunity.

Ford F-150 pure version prototype car spy photos 3 (foreign media photo)

As the highest-selling pickup and multi-year single model LDQUO; sales crown RDQUO; Ford F-150 can be said to be named. Train it back to the past 13 generations of 70 years old, crown by ldquo; lighting (lightning) RDQUO; the high-performance version of the name is twice, involving nine, ten generations, covering the 1993-2004 models. The tenth generation of Lighting version F-150 is more familiar, this high-performance-oriented sport type Mechanical boost V8 engine, German Bilstein damper, huge wheel, of course, is also very aggressive Model. The media was measured at the time, and the model can be completed in 5.2 seconds to complete the speed of 0-96 km / h.

Ford F-150 SVT Lighting

Ford F-150 SVT Lighting

About the upcoming pure electric F-150, Ford has previously said that its power and torque data will exceed all family predecessors, accordingly, we have a complete reason to inference The model will be the fastest F-150 in history. Plus the use of pure electric drive, which is obviously and LDQUO; Lighting (lightning) RDQUO; the name is completed, and it is perfect. Of course, LDQUO; Lighting (Lightning) RDQUO; also means excellent flexibility, if LDQUO; continuing RDQUO; message is true, the control performance of the electric version F-150 is also worth looking forward to.

In September last year, Ford car officially released the trailer of electric F-150 Pika original car, and the official will be a new Rouge electric vehicle that will be built in Michigan. Central production and manufacturing plan. The production center laid found on September 17, 2020, is Ford’s $ 7 million in Rouge Complex. According to the currently clear news, Ford Echo Electric F-150 will be officially launched in North America in 2022, as for new cars will revive LDQUO; Lighting (Lightning) RDQUO; name, we will wait and see.

Editor’s comment

On the one hand, pure electric drive, strength, the fastest in history, the above features are already enough to make pure electric F-150 is worthy of Lighting (Lightning) this legendary name; on the other hand, from Mustang Mach-E, we seem to touch some of the naming rules of Ford’s heavy new energy vehicles. We have complete reason to believe that future pure electric F-150 will be crown in the name of Lighting (Lightning).

Changan Ford MUSTANG MACH-E first engineering test car officially offline

From LDQUO; Ford China 2.0 rdquo; strategy we can give clear conclusions : Future Ford will put more new energy models in the Chinese market. Although it isThere is a place where pure electric F-150 is still unknown, but with the trend of domestic leather cards, the demand for car consumption is more mature, plus pure electric drive to solve this troubles of pollutant emissions, we are troubled, we The same is existent, F-150 Lighting will soon be shining in China.

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