The car is more likely to be cut, or is it more likely to be bad?

We have heard this sentence from the mouth of the predecessors, ldquo; the car is not being opened, all being broken RDQUO ;. Many people don’t understand, the car is not moving in the garage, how can I be broken?

In fact, the car is a large object used to consume, and the engineer will be tested by a considerable number of environments and quite a few kilometers.

From a low-cold environment to a high temperature environment, from bumpy roads to flat highways, the R & D of new cars will take into account the vast majority of users that users may experience. Therefore, in normal use, the car will not be disadvantaged unless individual quality problems or special examples.

LDQUO; how does the vehicle are placed for a long time?
Long-term parking vehicle circuit system will fail , Most obvious battery [123 ]. The vehicle battery for a long time will lose money, so it will lead to no fire. Also, the battery in the car can only be charged by the engine, so the battery is no longer used for a long time.

After encountering such problems, find another car to power or use the professional ldquo for starting the car; charging treasure rdquo; let the vehicle beaten.

In addition to the feed of the battery,

The liquid crystal display of the vehicle for a long time is likely to be tidy

. I have heard that the TV is needed to open a watch, and it is easy to appear like a tide problem for a long time. And, some cars have a long time to encounter small animals, mice, cats, ants may cause damage to the wires of the vehicle, but causing the vehicle circuit to malfunction, Even can’t start.
Long-term parked vehicle oil paths will change the problem

. Oil, brake oil, steering boost oil, transmission oil, etc.

After the car is parked for a long time,

tires are also deformable or damaged . Tires are rubber materials, long-term parking is not only possible to deteriorate and crack, but also contact the ground position will have been compressed, changing the physical characteristics of this position, even if it is easy to work like normal tires, even.

If the vehicle is parked for a long time, at least check all circuits, replace the battery, replace all oil passages and tires.

This is not small for the owner.

In addition, in addition to the need to check and replace the circuit, oil passage, the passed vehicle paint surface will also be damaged, especially if some environments will Corrosive car paint, such as a place where bird is falling, or there is a place where there is acid and rain.

With conditions, try not to park the vehicle for a long time.
If there is a special reason, the vehicle cannot be used, finds a person to start a vehicle every other year and two weeks and allowing it to run for a few minutes.

If there is a model of the remote remote control function, you can pass the mobile phone app to avoid early aging and damage.

Of course, although the vehicle is easy to damage some components for a long time. But it can’t be arbitrarily said that the car did not have a bad, only bad. After all, there are many newbie drivers, people who don’t know the car are also big. After the high-speed mooring oil is drawn, do not pay attention to the state of the tire, and the puncture caused the vehicle to seriously damage the vehicle, driving the mobile phone to hit the car, these conditions are even more terrible than the long time, the maintenance costs may be more expensive.

So, the car is more easily opened, or is it more likely to be bad? The standard answer is, ldquo; all the events have no absolute rdquo;

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