The Chinese finally had their own car culture!

After the reform and opening up, the Chinese economy’s taking off the car into thousands of households. The rapid development of the car market has not been able to fill the domestic lack of car culture. Today, some people still send their own speed, the video of the car to the Internet. This is not forbidden: Is there a car culture in China?

In the face of such an environment, the young packet stood out, since the domestic car sports cultural atmosphere is not good, the syndrome will be reached by himself to the development of this circle. All right. So, the way they choose is to fight the world’s top event WTCR.

In 2019, the leadership team participated in the WTCR event for the first time with the leader 03 WTCR racing, and the model of the same competition is the old hard-moving hand of our familiarity: Honda Civic , Audi RS 3, Volkswagen Golf gti, modern i30 n, etc.

The unexpected thing is that the packet of the International Stadium won the 2019 WTCR annual team champion, which is also the Chinese brand get it in the world’s top event. The first annual champion trophy. The WTCR stadium is shocking, not only let the leader recognize the car fans around the world, but also people who have not made many people who have not paid attention to the car movement in the racing field.

Time came to 2020, the leader team did not even decrease in WTCR, not only defended 2020 wtcr team championships, 24-year-old young driver – Yang Middot; Ehlashe is a total of 234 points, the first time I won the annual driver’s championship, helping the leader to become the WTCR’s double crown for the first time.

In the stadium, he proved his own packets, did not intend to exclusively enjoy this honor, and they decided to bring the car sports to more domestic civilian players, so The packet begins to vigorously develop lines of events and expand the circle of car sports culture with their position in the international contest and gradually growing the owners. This time I was invited to the Zhuhai International Circuit, in addition to feeling the joy of the WTCR double crown, moreThe car movement transmitted by the Ke is a new cognition.

First, it is first reflected in the eye, and it is a row of car, the style is different, and each car is marked with the name of the owner and The modified components, even the brand, and specifications have detailed, providing a very diverse template for users who like modified.

For example, this bay oil painted catency 03 modified car, uses 18-inch forging rims, 6 piston card, sports short spring, carbon fiber tail, mushroom Each modified component has detailed in each modified component.

And this pink coated packet 03+ modified car, its car owner called Ajie, except for the change of the appearance, there are 350 second order Special procedures and full set of sound systems in the car.

In addition, the official also provides a very rich “certification” modified part, including the first-line large cards such as endless to customize The product. These accessories can be adapted to different models of the packet, for some users who pursue the quality, but also to pick the accessories too troublesome, there is nothing more reliable than the official certification modification.

For example, this gacred official sportswear chair, it attracted many eyeballs at the scene, and even the car fan said that I wanted to buy back in my own car. …..

In addition to the rich official certification modification, the packet is also committed to promoting the popularity of racing sports, especially for some no conditions. The population, the leader has launched a new “E Sports WTCR Cup” online electrical competition this year, so that more people will participate in the online game through the car simulator, and select the elite player to fight the “E Sports WTCR” world. Top race.

For a car crowd with a certain driving basis, the leader has a driving challenge, let the contestant droveCar challenges the race of track, winding, accelerates multiple projects, enhances driving technology, and meets the desires for speed and passion.

What makes me feel surprised, this driving exercise experience, I also have to open a leader 03+ modified racer that meets the Safety Standard of the Safety Standard. This car is the car of the leading control challenge, mainly for cultivating the young driver, using the same blue coating as the WTCR car, and the hood replaces the lightweight material.

In order to improve the track ability of the vehicle, the modified car I opened for high-performance four-lived brake calipers and scribe brake pads, lightweight doubles Water-backed rods and 245/40 R18 specifications of the horse-name MC6 tires also improve the grip of the vehicle as much as possible. A shorter and harder shock absorption not only makes the center of gravity of the whole vehicle, but also provides quite sufficient lateral support capabilities at the time of overcale, and is also compensated for the characteristics of ordinary packet 03+ suspension.

The taxle increases a size of the geese tail, and the lower bilateral single exhaust gas diameter is also amazing. The large tail provides a sufficient under pressure, and the thick exhaust can also ensure that the engine will not be affected by the exhaust when the engine is exported.

If it comes to the caching 03+ modified car, it will find that the external changes are simply pediatric, in order to lose weight, this modified car All internal removal, the air conditioning system is completely removed, the medium control screen has also become a plastic plate, and the steering wheel is changed to the OMP lightweight racing steering wheel, the floor is also an extremely hard-core iron plate.

The racing seat from the OMP can be brought into a red five-point seat belt to ensure that the driver is firmly tied to the seat while driving. The steel pipe roll rack further improves the rigidity of the vehicle. The door panels covered by a plastic plate and the door handle made from the wire, it is time to tell you that it is a car.

This abandoned modification method, in exchange, driving with ordinary packet 03+Feel. Even if the power system of the vehicle is still the 254 horsepower 2.0T engine, the gearbox is also believed to be 8at, but the racing that is reduced to explode, or has faster acceleration. This feeling is like a muscular athlete, unloading the weight of the body.

On the big straight track of the Zhuhai International Circuit, the modified 03+ can reach the tail speed close to 190km / h before the bend, compared to ordinary 03+ Fast 20km / h. In addition to faster line acceleration capabilities, the improvement of the corner performance of 03 + modified cars is more direct.

Thanks to a harder and shorter suspension and a lightweight body, 03 + modified car can be bent with a higher speed, especially at a high angle. When the excellent side support and tire grip can ensure that the vehicle will not easily break through the limit. The rigidly strengthened body has a better dynamic response speed, turning feedback compared to ordinary 03+ more direct, as if your own hands are carrying two front wheels.

Short, the hard brake pedal is connected to the brake system of the brake power, and the bend is fully braked, and the vehicle can be instantaneously from 180km / h. Down to around 60km / h, accompany the rotation of the steering wheel and the stable posture of the vehicle, walk in the bend of the track.

Compared to the dangerous driving of the ghosts on the road, the track is the place that truly realizes self-challenge. If you are similar to me, there is not much “quasi-small” in the track experience, then I can tell you very responsibly, each track experience, will plant a seed belonging to the car in my heart, root root germination …

After I experienced a few laps, I was reluctant to get down from this car, and finally understood. The category participated in the WTCR and vigorously promoted the cause of the car movement. Regardless of men and women, there are the right to pursue speed and passion, and the purpose of the packet is to make the pursuit of speed and passion, gradually legal, normalized, so that the car is no longer a dream, gradually walking Enter thousands of households.

Maybe some people will say that the cost of the track is too high, I have not even cars, and I don’t want to drive my own buying a vegetable car. If you have this idea, there is still a lower cost solution – kart.

Do not look at the fun of the Kart, because it adopts the structure layout of the rear rear drive, and there is no help and the auxiliary electronic system, plus almost sitting. Ultra-low gravity on the ground, so the kart can bring many original pure counseling that cars cannot provide.

This sensation is very helpful for lifting driving technology. You can clearly know the change in the ground, and can judge the gesture of the wheel by steering torque. The steering hand is also a natural fitness equipment. If you often open the kart, the arm muscles must be very developed.

In addition, the way the car is relatively easy, the left foot brakes, the right foot throttle, the hand controls the steering, no complex gear selection, and there is no manual vehicle Toe operation, what you have to do is to reduce brakes and keep the engine’s high speed, take every racing line. It is also because of this, the admission threshold of the kart is becoming lower, even if you are a minor who has no driver’s license, you can enjoy the pleasure brought by the wind.

More importantly, playing the kart does not need too high threshold, hundreds of people spend many people can bear, do not need to have a car, no Need you to cheer, even the driver’s license is not …

Perhaps this is the significance of the tracking of the karting link, so that those current People who have no ability to experience truly car sports, first experience the most primitive driving pleasure, and therefore love car, fall in love with car sports.

For patechings, they settled the “3 years to let 1 million people on the track” this year, although it is far away, But now, with the influence of WTCR double crown, and actively held variousOnline lines, packets have taken a difficult and extremely correct step, and the future of China’s automobile culture will start from here.

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