The enemy of the Great Wall is coming, Mitsubishi L200 or will introduce this year

In recent years, pickup type sales is hot, and you can cross the wild household, so many milk dads are the heart. The domestic leather market is more competitive, the Great Wall, SAIC Tsi T90, Futian general, etc., Mitsubishi L200 can successfully enter the Chinese pickup market, let us take a look at its performance.

In terms of appearance, the front face design uses family-cultural design language, which is very similar to its brothers Paggero. Chrome medium decoration further enhances the texture, Mitsubishi brand logo is located between, with a high recognition. The split LED headlights are more young atmosphere.

The side of the body is high, and the long-range height is 5305/1815 / 1775mm, the wheelbase is 3000mm, with a total weight of 3110kg. The picking capacity of the pickup tail box is excellent. The tire uses the off-road fetus of Dunlop 265/60 R18, which should be more relaxed to bad road conditions.

In terms of interior, traditional design styles have many old appearance, and more powerful. The multi-function steering wheel has a fixed speed cruise adjustment function, and the automatic air conditioner has also appeared in the legendary model, and the configuration is relatively rich.

In terms of power, the current overseas model is equipped with 2.2T diesel engines, matching 6AT gearbox, the maximum power is 110 kW, the maximum torque reaches 400 Nm, cooperation Mitsubishi’s ultra-selected four-wheel drive system has certain off-road capabilities. Do you expect such a L200?

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