The first batch of listed is grabful! What is the picture of buying it?

At noon on June 12, “hard-core toys” artillery officially opened in Chongqing Auto Show Listed, there is only one model, priced at 179,800 yuan, providing comfortable bags, and two optional packages for technology to meet more personalized needs of different users. The first batch of 48 units of the artillery has been sold out at the listing site, and the second batch of snaps will be opened at 12:00 on July 1. What is the reason for this? It is so popular with the model of the niche? Like friends can understand.

is extraordinary

The Great Wall itself is a pickup, as a leader in China Pickha, since the first in 1996 Since the next line, the global sales have exceed 1.8 million, and models are exported to all continents and regions of the world.

Currently Great Wall Picardi is divided into Fengjun series and long-market guns Series, after the 2018 Great Wall Picard announced independence, only one year, the Great Wall gun brand officially released and had its own car standard, opened the era of China Picard 3.0 multi-purpose.

, in the Great Wall Oil Series, in order to multiply With, commercial and off-road type, this listing of artillery is a full terrain of the Great Wall “Cannon Plan”, and the 10,000th Great Wall, the 100th Great Wall, will be offline in the Chongqing Wisdom Factory, so the artillery has chosen in Chongqing. The auto show is listed.


Hard platform

Since the artillery is the main attack off-road, there must be many hard-working off-road equipments to support. First, the artillery is created based on the Great Wall Intelligent Professional Cross-country Tank Platform, which can be said to be a gene with smart off-road and high reliability.

, in the appearance, the general version of the Great Wall Compared to the maximum difference in artillery, the short-axis design of the double-door double seat is shortened, the wheelbase is shortened to 2745mm. The original chassis is increased by 2 inches, and the ground gap is increased to 249mm, so that the access angle and the left corner are reached. 34 degrees and 26 degrees, the vertical passage is 28 degrees, which gives the artillery with stronger flexibility and passability.

2.0T of China’s core ten engine It has been upgraded to 218 horsepower, peak torque, 380 nmIddot; M, with an 8T automatic transmission, power performance improvement makes the artillery in cross country.

hard core equipment [123

The artillery is equipped with the divided four-wheel drive system of Borg Warner, with a front and rear bridge electron differential lock, phase More than the general version of the Great Wall, the artillery has also increased the nitrogen cross-boast shock absorber, Baixi RoadKo2 tires, front winch, water-water throat, front and rear screw, off-road side steps, etc., this will reduce the players a lot of post-modified projects, the original factory does not have to have a headache for driving license.

If still felt that the original equipment is not satisfactory, the artillery also It is reserved for the modified interface and is equipped with the original modified electrical function switch. It also standards 2.5 tons of traction quality. I believe this is definitely a gospel for friends with tragging demand. In addition, the artillery will also develop a special racing box defense. Rolls and racing clothes, etc., allow users to experience the ultimate driving pleasure.

hard core [ 123]

Before listed, the artillery is actually in the Great Wall’s new chassis, the most difficult thing to go to China. The route launched a challenge, and in the second season of the “Members of Everest” held in the Great Wall Cannon, the Great Wall handed nearly 300 riders, all the way, snow, big mist, etc., the test, the final success Arrived in Everest, it also crossed one of the most dangerous junction routes, which showed a deep impression, and the artillery also served as a guardian of the guard army, and completed the first stop. Robs National science test mission, these places have made a very high demand for a car’s durability and off-road performance. They have experienced these heavy tests. It is said that the gun is successfully squeezed into the world’s first-class pickup lineup.

[123 ]

Write in the last [123

It can be seen that the artillery is the existence of hard core in off-road performance, then users who buy artillers believe that most of them have such a need. Players, it is like a big toy. Of course, I don’t exclude some users who are purely in order to artilled this hardcore appearance. Anyway, the Great Wall can launch a product such as the artillery to promote the development of pickles in the country, and the Great Wall is also a car company that should be responsible for this heavy responsibility. Looking forward to the next, “gun” series can give us Bring more fresh and interesting models.

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