The first car of young people, Chery Tiggo 3X

50,000 yuan, you can have a small car that has a rain and rain, Chery Tiggo 3X approached our vision with super high cost, the appearance of young sports is also favored by young people, 21 models The price is 4.99 ~ 67,900 yuan.

The new car is small and exquisite, with large-sized starry sky network visually more tension, young flats. The split lamp is more personal, and the upper LED day is very dynamic.

The side of the body seems to be more compact and full, the length of 4200/1760 / 1570mm, the wheelbase is 2555mm, and the space is generally performed. The high-cost model is equipped with a 17-inch blade wheel, aesthetic movement.

In terms of interior, simplicity is not exquisite, high-equipped models with a 9-inch central control screen, supporting mobile interconnection functions such as Carplay, very convenient. It is worth mentioning that the full-stranded steep slope burst, uphill aid, for novices very friendly.

Dynamic, all-in-1 natural intake engine, matching 5 block manual or CVT automatic transmission, maximum output 116 hp, peak torque 143 Nishi, daily Synchronous is no pressure. Will such a cost-effective small SUV be your first car?

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