The fourth generation of Jing Rui released the market, can Skoda will grab it back?

There are many brands under the mass, and Skoda who can share “three major pieces” is undoubtedly “pro-family” existence. Unfortunately, Skoda is becomingly marginalized in the domestic market. The more popular it is hot. The more cold Skoda is cold. After all, in the case of the two style, the public’s VW lablar is more fragrant.

However, recently Skoda moves frequently, first launched a new flagship formula PRO, then released the fourth generation of Jing Rui …… Previously, Xin Ge has already introduced a new generation of Mingrui PRO. This flagship has progress in appearance, size, configuration, etc., and replaced the independent suspension, the potential is not underestimated.

New generation Mingrui Pro

Recently, Skoda The new generation of Fabia (China is called Jing Rui) is also officially unveiled, the new car is built with the mass POLO with the platform (MQB-A0 platform), the temperament is high, and the Mingrui PRO constitutes a “king combination”, which comes. Skoda, reorganizing the flag drum, can this be shameful this time? The crystal of “changing the shell” polo, can you grab the market to grab the public? Today, True guys talk to everyone.

Actually, Skoda Jing Rui also gave a long time in the domestic market. The previous generation model was born in the PQ26 platform. Due to the long time, the product is so old, and finally in 2018. Deliver.

Old Jing Rui (discontinued)

Nowadays, the new generation of Jing Rui is in the new family design language, and it has changed the precious temperament, before The inside of the face is in direct waterfall decoration, the body line sharp, sure, the vehicle visual effect is a lot of dynamic.

New generation Jing Rui

Old Jing Rui (discontinued)

As a small car ,brand newThe long-width height of Jing Rui is 4108/1780 / 1459mm, and the wheelbase is 2564mm, which is very obvious compared to the old model. For example, the vehicle has an increase of 115mm, the wheelbase has also increased by 94mm, further meeting the demand for consumer to space. .

New generation crystal

Old crystal Rui (discontinued)

[123 To come to the interior, it is the weight of this new crystal. The new car is more controlled, and the upper / middle / lower three-stage design is highly layered, and different materials are created, plus a positive colorful contrast design, creates a quite good interior.

New Generation Censions

Old Crystal Rui Neutral (Discontinued)

The new car is also equipped with a 10.25-inch full-liquid crystal meter and a 9.2-inch suspended central control screen, which is in line with the trend of technology.

The umbrella tank on the door panel, even let the new generation of crystal have a little “Rolls Royce”.

It is worth mentioning that the new car has improved in the basic configuration and luxury configuration. New Skoda Jing Rui will standardize 9 airbags and is first equipped with Travel Assist driving assistance systems, including ACC adaptive cruise, traffic logo identification. The vehicle will support the two-temperature air conditioning independent adjustment, seat heating, air purification.

In addition, the new car also provides a total of 14-18 inches of 9 style hubs, and nine can be selected for consumers. .

Finally, in terms of power, the new generation of the European version provides a variety of power combinations, 1.0L and 1.0T two three-cylinder engine’s greatest work.The rate is 48kW and 70kW, and the top version is also equipped with a combination of “1.5T four-cylinder + 7DCT”.

The low-cost model is equipped with a three-cylinder engine, and does not discuss the domestic consumers; 1.5T powerful, but the price is high, these three power It is estimated that it will not introduce domestic. The domestic version is expected to continue with POLO, continue to carry 1.5L straight four-cylinder self-suction engine, and match the 5-speed manual or 6AT transmission.

As with Mingrui PRO, the innovation of Jing Rui is also in all, the appearance tends to be fashionable, the interior is not new, and the configuration is rich in sex, and there is MQB platform blessing … … as long as the new Jing Rui is not playing “reduction”, there is still hope to divide a small bus in the small car market.

In fact, for the A0-stage hatchback car, the space, the configuration is in reverse, the consumer is most important to the sports characteristics and the prices of the people, otherwise how to work with the Civic, etc. What is the difference in sedan? Many consumers are pursuit of size. On the contrary, they just want a small, flexible car, as a daily travel partner.

The public “失算” of the most understandable, the “Car King” Volkswagen POLO, becomes more and more like golf, a flavor, configure However, it cuts the power combination, damaging the moving characteristics, leading to the cost-effectiveness and sports, and it is no wonder that the Geris will have a Japanese car organic to be multiplied.

Volkswagen Golf

Nowadays, new crystal is coming, I don’t know Skoda Do you take a lesson, seize the opportunity? If the price is enough, it is believed that it can cause a wave of blow to a small car. Of course, the market challenges faced by Skoda Jing Rui is not small. After all, it has lacks the market for a long time. In addition to the main “cost-effective”, there is not much way to leave Skoda.

In short, fromIf the public is the same, it is the same as the fashion, and Skoda is getting farther away from the road “Go to Polance”, and trying to re-plastic Schoda’s product style. If the style of imitating the public will only make it live in the shadow of the public, “re-departure”, go out of a differentiated route, and the Skoda is not necessarily good. Welcome to “the” vehicle domain “, leave a message below, share your views on the new Skoda Jingrui.

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