The future has come to “Science Fiction” Changan Uni-K takes you to understand

The future “Science” car “Changan Uni-K takes you to understand

People always full of unknown things Curious, full of fantasies in the future. As long as you have seen a little sci-fi, such as science fiction or film and television drama, then you have discovered that we have come to the world that belongs to science fiction. Many scientific fictions describe future things such as touch screen phones, huge electronic screens, simulation robots, etc., have become part of our daily lives.

The implementation of these science fiction concepts undoubtedly from technology development and promotion, although we have not realized the flight boat, but more and more black technology has been used Car on the car. There is a car of the main black technology now, it is Changan Uni-K.

As the second model of the high-end product UNI “gravitational” sequence launched by Changan Automobile (first model is UNI-T), UNI-K is in appearance Designed, follow the borderless air grille of the family, and the same hidden door handle, the overall shape is very scientific. Zhang Yang’s appearance and avant-garde design, unlike the conservative mana of mass production vehicles.

The positioning of Uni-K is higher than the Uni-t that has been listed, and is a large five SUV. UNI-T listing market performance is good, but I believe in Uni-K will not lose, because whether it is design or product strength, it has a stunning capital.

Uni-K inherits the concept car Vision-V, using the same design language “boundless” family-style design language. The designer integrates the trident in the Star Interchange into the design of the daytime driving light, optimized multi-reflective thick-walled technology, achieving uniform and beautiful lighting effect; let UNI-K in the rearview of others, Can become one of the most identified knowledge in the vault. The tail spoiler design element comes from the universe spaceship of future science fiction, through the integrated tail light group, the night recognition is high, and the driving is safer.

Uni-K’s interior design style and Uni-T have a big difference, using the latest family design language, new car central control screen and dashboard one change before one change, suspension shaped navigation is very technological Sense, the gear rod adopts the design element of the aircraft gear, which is very scientific, and the internal metamorphic quality has increased significantly.

Changan Uni-K has reached 4865/1948 / 1690mm, and the wheelbase is 2890mm, and the whole vehicle is used in five layout. It is easy to see space will be Changan. A large highlight of UNI-K.

Now, Changan Uni-K is now landing in Black Ji Liao Mongoli. Friends who like this car can go to the store to see if it is in line with you. Imagination of future cars. I believe that today’s appearance is more similar, if you open this Uni-K, you will definitely harvest a lot of attention.

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