The Genesis of Genesis, Jiejie Site Scenes you open luxury car new realm

In November 2015, “a shield with wings” was born, it was the Genisi brand. Perhaps compared to a hundred years of brands, it is more like a teenager, but it is because of its new, so that it has fewer bags, so it can focus more on the current car market, bring more consumers. Surprise.

This luxury car brand has been admired by the world. For example, the name “one of the best brands in the automotive industry”, the model has won the best car award in North America for several years, and the United States Consumer report, JDPower and other third-party industry authority awards, these are not only the honor of Jieji, but also believe that the market consumers are recognized to it.

Get Jieji Auto Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Markus Henne Si G80

March 29, 2021, thousands of drones over Shanghai night sky, Jieji brand with two new cars – Jiegis G80 and Jiejie Si GV80 officially entered the Chinese market.

Surprise is that this drone performance broke “the most drone At the same time, the Guinness World Records. In addition to the gorgeous visual feast, the Jiegisi brand has attached importance to the Chinese market, as well as the determination to provide excellent product experience.

Is the Chinese market still need a new luxury brand?

The answer is affirmative. Perhaps in recent years, Germany, American and Japanese cars are habitually habiting, but there are still many consumers in China full of new luxury brands.

Have to say, in fact, South Korea is very much in automotive design. They are very important to automotive design and have a profoundExperience accumulation, contribute to the automotive industry. As a top car brand, Jiegis Si Si will have a deeper accomplishment and appearance in the car.

Since the international luxury car brand from Asia, Jieji The luxury concept will be more accommodated in the aesthetic and usage habits of Asians. This concept we can find resonance from this released Jieji G80 and Jiegis GV80.

Is there a sincerity?

If the word is talking about and sincerity in the car product, it must refer to you should, not blindly pursue self-expression. So what is the performance of the Genis Seth?

Today China is taking off, and people pay more attention to high quality travel. In life, the demand for luxury sedan and SUV models is still rising. Therefore, the large-scale luxury sedan g80, and the first SUV model GV80, the first SUV model of Jiegi Sudens became the first model of this in the Chinese market.

In terms of appearance, new car iconic “parallel double-shine” double-line design elements It has been fully reflected in two models to show sports and elegance well in design language.

In terms of internal decoration, harmonious private seat cockpit space is perfectly expressed in advanced technology. The interior design concept of “the beauty of the white” is also in line with Chinese consumers’ pursuit of “atmosphere”.

In the spiritual level, the gas field between the owner and the car will integrate each other, complement each other. . Jieji brand also told this,The brand defined by the brand has a new perspective of bold avant-gardes in a personal style and lifestyle, so that the fine taste and unique design of the aesthetics are perfectly blended with the brand spirit, and also resonate with the needs of consumers. .

Such ideas also showcased in the core brands of Jieji: “You, a new realm”, which shows consumers Core product concept.

With the Chinese market, its business model is also our Very concern. It is understood that the brand has created a new business model in the Chinese market, which will use people-oriented, convenient, integrity, and transparent experience as the core concept, with direct camp, and assist with trust partners to assist in online channels. We also look forward to the Genis Sijisi brand can bring quality service experience to consumers in channels.

In the pricing mode, Jieji proposed “one price commitment” Transparent pricing model, its meaning is that the quotation of consumers in all consumer channels will be transparent and consistent, such pricing models are what Chinese consumers need.

Is Jieji brought just a car?

Today, the car is not only a means of transportation, traveling from A to B, gradually evolving into a high-quality experience. As a luxury car brand, if you only provide car products for consumers, it may be far less than enough.

For this point, the Genis Sith brand also thinks. So, we have seen it in the near future. For example, 2021 Shanghai Fashion Week’s cooperation case is integration with the luxury concept of this brand and world-class fashion concept, which brings an exempt from the owner.Good experience outside the car.

In addition, Jieji built the “House of Jieji” as an experience center, bringing automotive and art culture, and multiple experiences of Jieji exclusive service. The emergence of the offline experience center also allowed us to feel the efforts of Jiegisi to enhance the quality of users. It is understood that the first “Nicis House” will be unveiled in the city center of Shanghai.

General Executive Officer, Genis Singsi Auto Sales (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Markus Henne said: “Jieji is open in China, symbolizing another milestone of brand development – perhaps the most important one. In the early days, Jieji’s center of gravity will focus on brand building. Next, We will also create more surprise experiences for Chinese consumers. We have confidence to honor our commitment and invite you to join our extraordinary journey. “


In this regard, we also look forward to the Genis Sijisi brand can effectively bring excellent travel experience for Chinese consumers.

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