The important task of the new flagship Pentium FAW test drive T99

150 000 from the sale of own brand products has been the car ceiling, a number of own-brand shopping at 10-15 million price long-term, for more than 150,000 price rarely get involved, but now with its own brand and quality control continuous upgrading of technology, brand value for automotive consumers more rational, independent brands began to layout a lot of “high end” products in their own product line.

September 19, 2019, the Pentium T99 official line in Changchun FAW two factories, pre-sale price range of 15.99-19.99 million. FAW Pentium’s flagship SUV, is entrusted with the new Pentium achievement quot; Things automotive innovation leader who quot; better vision and deep feelings, which in itself shoulder the important task of market penetration at the same time, it will continue to drive the brand new Pentium upward, occupying Pentium high-end market. October 16, I was invited to participate in the “measure of the Yellow River, the Pentium T99 professional media test drive.” The depth of experience of the new flagship of this important task.

epee no front most delicate work

Since the introduction of the Pentium brand new strategy released after the first T77 products to consumers has left a deep impression, sharp sense throughout the body design, a large number of take and line cutting process, whether it is the appearance of contour lines or details, but this T99 is designed with a lot of straight lines and rounded corners. So that the vehicle heavy feeling full. Family mask front face T “Digital raindrop” front grille, grille octagonal-shaped configuration open design, headlights and grille have a good sense of fusion of interoperability. Lights in a small polygon lens, science and technology lifestyle. If you use the analogy of the ancient Sword, T77 is more like Yuchang Jian, a small trace of murderous. T99 is more like Zhanlu sword, people feel it is not sharp, but it’s generous and kind. Indeed epee no front, delicate work.

on the interior, perfectly integrated into the intelligent interactive experience, capacitive touch Double Ten two-inch big screen combines a sense of luxury, science and technology, the overall sense. Tangsu covering a large area, nothing like a 150,000-priced SUV. Great wisdom of the D-life 5.0 intelligent control system, equipped with a super desktop, wisdom voice, face recognition systems, 3D holographic ITESRobot, 3D image custom, AR photo navigation, multi-account system, Pentium brand radio, AI scene recommendation, Mark, car home interconnected, intelligent digital keys, remote intelligent control, vehicles and interaction to achieve deeper, so that drivers can convenient vehicle through voice control, more convenient, but also allows the driver to concentrate on driving.

Robust dynamic ride control

Third Generation T99 mounted CA4GC 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power 224PS, maximum torque of 340N • m, with transmission of matched Shengrui second generation eight-speed manual transmission. In driving, the early part of the output is very strong, and not because of the feeling of a small horse-drawn carts 2225kg body weight appears. In hard acceleration lag slightly overshoot mainly attributed to this domestic 8AT gearbox downshift relatively lazy.

The author is involved in the test drive route to Yulin Yan’an section of the Yellow River, the Yellow River highway driving, this long 4800mm, width 1915mm, height 1685mm big man showed very good body posture, went to the Yellow River in the mountain of heaven and earth Bay area, high-speed cornering, more rigid suspension exhibited good support, in this there is no surprise risk sections give the driver full confidence. Body follow and the steering wheel are just the right moment just right. Past its own brand midsize SUV steering wheel big empty spaces, pointing to an imprecise question all but vanished.

Guiche: Through this test drive, I feel the shoulder enhance the brand value of T99 is a product of good faith, using proprietary SUV platform allows the car to get rid of independent large SUV “impractical” label. On the other hand in order to repay the owners of the first T99 Pentium, Pentium FAW also introduced quot include lifetime free services including; 1234quot; car gift. Pentium and old customers can also receive an additional booking car Wujiantao intelligence products to first to experience the wisdom of Things technology of the Pentium T99. With the November 1 of T99 Pentium shocked the market, it will also have a better market performance.

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