The interior is more luxurious, the new Lincoln adventurers will be listed on the Chongqing Auto Show.

Recently, the driving line learned from the official channel of Lincoln that the Lincoln New Adventurer will officially launch the Chongqing Auto Show in this month. The new car is fine-tuning in the appearance and interior, adding some luxury configurations.

In terms of appearance, 2022 Linken adventurers still use the Lincoln family-style design language, and the 2021 models are only optimized in the appearance, the appearance of the new model Strengthened in the sense of exercise. In addition, the rim of the new style has also added a dynamic sense in the calm temperament of the vehicle.

In terms of interior, new cars still implement the Lincoln model consistent luxury, and the full liquid crystal meter and large-sized suspended central control screen have hit the adventurers. The interior has a sense of technology. All places that can touch in the new car are almost all of them with a soft material package, and the touch is quite good.

Configuration, according to the previously exposed news, 2022 Linken Adventurers mainly changed a variety of color atmosphere lights, and upgraded the sound covered hood. And enjoy the above version and add the black interior starry jewelry, and the above version is more insear, most of which belongs to the details of the details and care, and it has highlighted the concept of Lincoln customers.

In terms of power, there is no change in the new car, still along the 2.0T high-power engine, maximum power 245 hp, peak torque 390 nmiddot m, the transmission system matches the 8-speed manual transmission. More news about 2022 Linken Adventurers, driving line will continue to pay attention.

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