The last piece of the puzzle for a better life, the Great Wall Euler R1 most surprising choice

blink of an eye to 2020

I graduated, work, marry

and had a lovely daughter

all this fast over points

[ 123] children seems to be a little sun

I seem to asteroid as

Gu Lulu to turn her around all day

New Year the first weekend

specifically to help me love “please” a day off

he said

“the new start to have a different year.” [123 ]

it is called girlfriends and her “new girlfriends.”

with feelings of Guangzhou new atmosphere in 2020

have to say [123 ]

when R1 girlfriends slowly close Euler

my heart is suddenly touched a chord

concise clean lines

behind the front circular lanterns

to create a futuristic appearance

perfectly meet girls fantasy of the car

retro nostalgic interior design

in other product blindly follow the sense of luxury in the

do not have a flavor

of course the others Technical sense will not be absent

in the control panel with the vehicle networking

to a small car good experience

and fashion retro collision

as the city of Guangzhou

both Street precipitation flavor

the city has no shortage of fashionable

at the same time not forgetting the traditional continue to move forward

in person, in the car, in the city

is the same

compact intelligent posture

free shuttle in a small way the old city of

parking is also very convenient

interior space is not due to the small car limited

the same level of the car’s long wheelbase design

gives us more space to relax

Smart compact shape

inside the spacious and comfortable [ 123]

as the city of Guangzhou

never first-tier cities because of the fast pace of life

and lose its proper attitude to life

like a laid-back the tea culture

will always be engraved in Guangzhou bones of comfort

the most intimate is the

Euler R1 to open up the lightweight and flexible

women do not open effortlessly

steering feel very comfortable

Euler R1 is simply staged artifact

so I have a child playing

doll illusion

fashion, retro, art, cute ……

Euler perfect control various R1 feel

the day went from Metro Street

all the way down electric car Car

power there is still 90 percentage

asked about girlfriends

R1 Mileage there are 351 km

commuter, city sightseeing, pick up the child to school

or short trips are enough

and occasionally cross-city trip should be no problem

Guangzhou charging pile is 1.5 yuan 1 kWh of electricity

girlfriends say

as long as 50 dollars can open the previous week

I would think not spend unnecessary “face” money

also just a nice pleasant good

unwittingly darkness fell

us if off the glass slipper Cinderella

from the bustling party

ran toward their home

although the 18-year-old beauty was dazzling us

However, in 2020 the head of

30-year-old we

who Duoliaoyifen mature

two and responsibility

[ 123] the new year we will not allow willful

as a wife, mother, and leader

2020 red duck!

play a day

a little grass girlfriends small car

just at home only car

would join her husband discuss won?

But then again

This father and daughter where to run?

do not send me a New Year gift

an old married couple

sense of ritual is to have Well ……

The story behind the

in the video are the

are interested not as good as opening the see ~

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