The logic of Toyota three cylinders have not understood

In recent time, Toyota launched a three-cylinder engine in the car, and all roads have launched a fierce discussion from technology, markets, regulations and future perspectives. I have dazzled.

However, after a period of observation, it is found that no one is from quot; Toyota should do QUOT;, quot; Toyota is going to do quot; and this angle to see the Dynamic Force three-click machine.

First, what is Toyota three cylinders?

Please pay attention to the name: Dynamic Force Engine series M15A three-cylinder engine.

This sentence clearly shows the identity of the engine, which is an engine system in the TNGA platform, let us take a look at this family:

This expression is just based on the current liner.

In fact, there is still a player hidden around us in the second point, which is M20a-fxs. The current Lexus UX260H is this hybrid system.

This year, the Dynamic Force 2.0L engine of the Lauze / CHR, which is also the M20A Atkinson engine that everyone is not familiar.

The problem is here, if the 2.5L and 2.0L are all existing fuel and mixed plates, will there be a 1.5L three cylinder?

The answer is actually very obvious. If not, that is not the modular mad cost of rolling machine Toyota Really, the Japanese version YARIS has a mixed version that is equipped with the M15 three-cylinder engine.

M15A-FKS 1.5L inline 3 cylinder DOHC (fuel plate)

Model: M15A-FKS

Displacement: 1490cc 123]

Cylinder diameter TIMES; itinerary: 80.5mmtimes; 97.6mm

Injection: Di

M15A-FXE 1.5L inline 3 cylinder DOHC (mixed version)

Model: M15A-FXE

Displacement: 1490cc

Times; itinerary: 80.5mmtimes; 97.6mm

injection method: PF

After reading, it will find that two engines are twin brothers, structures Almost the same.

Add another sentence, from the structure, the M15 engine is only the M20 engine reduces a cylinder, and the cylinder diameter and stroke are 80.5×97.6mm, and the single cylinder volume is about 500cc, the compression ratio is 13: 1.

What is the proper private brother, how many parts and processing technology are shared?

Don’t ask, ask about the modular level of TNGA, double VVT, direct injection, roof combustion chamber, expand the valve angle and improve the rolling ratio.

So a three-cylinder machine is better than one 1.2T?

Don’t ask, ask what you can’t look down on Toyota.

After reading the brothers and twins, let’s see how much it is pre-enabled for M15, which determines Toyota’s seriousness.

Multi-map, please be patient.

The first picture of very magical, this is about FAW Toyota from the approve of the approved publicity in December 2020, and cannot explain the capacity, but a project has started in 2018. Approval, started in 2021, completed in 2020, is it never?

We temporarily thought it was wrong, it should be started in January 2020, and it was completed in March 2021.

In order to illustrate the capacity, this table clearly shows that in January 2021, the production capacity of 1.5L three cylinders is only 108,000 / year, and the new production capacity is Elastic capacity, it is necessary to form in March.

After the expansion is adjusted, the whole machine of the first and second plants is 97.2 million.

Please note that in TNGA engine capacity, it is not separately labeled a mixed engine specific amount.

The above is known that one Feng Changchun has a TNGA engine 280,000 yuan in January 2021, plus Tianjin’s 9.72,000, one rich two places total engine capacity 12.52 million units Among them, it is determined that the capacity left to the M15 engine is 108,000, accounting for 8.6%.

Next, the situation of GAC Toyota.

Guangfeng’s expansion is relatively fast, and now 198,000 M15C capacity, accounting for 19% of total production capacity of 10.38 million.

Note that Guangfeng also has 108,000 NR capacity, but it is difficult to judge the 1.2T 8nR-FTS of Lei Ling. 1.5L 7nR-Fe self-suction engine.

However, Guangfeng pushes 1.5L three-tone Rayling’s pressure and greater than a rich.

That is, the m15 fixed capacity of the Northern Toyota-all M15 fixed capacity will reach 13.3 percentage of 13.3 percentage of the total engine capacity of the engine from March, you can check Check the total target of Northern Toyota this year to see how much engine capacity is rich.

If the fact is not enough to uncover Toyota’s idea, then it will come again.

TNGA platform launched a middle-class car in China, compact, then definitely the A0 level, the TNGA platform’s Yaris / Dynasty, 1.5L three-cylinder pure oil version is not acceptable?

Ok, people still have a 1.5L mix version in Japan, anyway, the engine is a common line.

Looking at the big gods from the manufacturer to the Ford Focus three-tunnel and general three-tu, from the technical level, the top of the three tanks, the Toyota, holding a mixed technology. The decision-making layer is going to laugh. You really think that Toyota will be more like a three-cylinder machine and BMW.Have a pendulum?

As for noise? We can also be cheaper. Take a look at the fuel consumption, three tanks are true!

Do you really think that Toyota will sell in the three-tone Carolla / Lei Ling?

Who remembers the price of the existing mixed version? 1.5L three tanks?

Don’t forget that the TNGA platform is launched in the TNGA platform in 2015, many reports have been referenced by Toyota’s own expression: TNGA makes the initial investment of the model to reduce the initial input of the model, and the production cost is reduced by 20%.

Although Toyota said that Toyota said that the amount of money should be improved, not the price cut, but no one can guarantee that once competition, Toyota will not reduce the price slightly.

After all, the past five fortune, Toyota’s profit, everyone is obvious, the profit of Toyota, 2017, is even three times the profit of the public.

At the same time, Ling Shang / Allion immediately can open the hierarchy with 1.8L Mixed Carol / Rayling. The price of moving is another explore, who is going to buy a vegetable trip?

Even mixing Carols / Rayling may change to TNGA 1.5L mix, and use TNGA 2.0L mixed gap, and then wait until TNGA Yaris / Xitun came in, 306,000 The three-cylinder production can still be said, only selling this kind of thing, Honda MPV dares to do, I can’t do it in Toyota?

The new Sienna, North America is so dry.

In summary, Toyota introduced a three-cylinder machine, just a small step in the TNGA platform global layout, this is the TNGA platform A0-level car fuel version and mixed version Basic motivation, behind Toyota mixed technology, not determines the fate of Carols / Rayling and future things.

Even Toyota’s Toyota did not reserve how many three-cylinder production capacity for Carol / Lingling.

Toyota’s ideas are very direct: TNGA is introducedTaiwan, reduce more costs, get more profits.

Even if consumers don’t like the three-cylinder pure oil version A0? We also have a mix of three cylinders, anyway, is fragrant.

If you can also accept three-tun pure oil version Carolla / Lei Ling? That’s better.

This Toyota three-cylinder machine is hot, no matter whether it is Toyota deliberately planned, it has become a very successful topic marketing.

Toyota M15 series three-cylinder machine has improved the visibility, and also examines the level of market acceptance. It is the ultimate in Toyota 1.5L system, which is finally used to get into the road, and Toyota is not How much capacity pressure and sinking cost areher, even more advertising costs.

I look forward to under the whip of the people, Toyota bites the TNGA 1.5L mixed, hitting other non-mixed three-cylinder system.

As for some point of view, Toyota introduces a three-cylinder machine is forced to manage points. Please note that two pictures of capacity in front of the article, clearly indicating a rich TNGA 1.5L The project is an approval in 2018, and the Guangfeng TNGA 1.5L project has passed the EIA in 2018.

That also, Toyota decisive projects, only earlier than these two times, as far as the TNGA 1.5L project developed, only more in advance, even before 2015.

China’s dual-point management method is issued in September 2017. In April 2018, Toyota is so accurately stepped on the policy direction, quickly takes out a 2021 goal and has great expansion space. Product, can you say that Toyota has developed TNGA? Is it forced to have not yet brewed?

Those manufacturers who listen to the law will support this view to see how they are not so backward.

For Toyota, more the development direction of Toyota is justifying the development of China’s regulations.

More than 2020 revised, low fuel consumption passenger car discounts, more will stimulate Toyota introduced TNGA 1.5L hybrid systemThis time, everyone can’t say Toyota is to see the policy discount.

In fact, from the next generation of Lexus GS to Toyota Second Generation Mirai, Lexus then the behavior of Pile IS will know that the eyes of the car enterprises are more old, and after 5 years and 10 years later, [ 123]

No matter how many new platforms are used next-generation IS and GS, how good technology, etc. One generation model.

2021 Already arrived, Toyota’s TNGA mixed is blowing a comprehensive entry into China, do not speak Wuda Toyota three tanks you understand?

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