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The month is a monthly selling 3,500 yuan, so the Jaguar F-PACE might is only available

Summary, we conducted a car survey in April, the new Jaguar F-PACE this year, found that it has already had 80,000 yuan in the Chinese area. The bare car price of standard model has fallen into the price range of 300,000 yuan, and the price of the car has been coeximated with the domestic BBA medium SUV. However, Jaguar F-PACE has several unneaptive advantages: standard 2.0T high power engine, standard four-wheel drive (once standard rear drive), high configuration, imported car identity … so there are many BBA this level of SUV’s small partner, consult me ​​related information about the medium-sized SUV. Therefore, we decided to make an investigation on the cost of the Jaguar F-PACE. As before, we will start from insurance expenses, maintenance costs, and fuel costs.

Insurance costs

Insurance costs and models price hook, usually, we will choose the highest type of model as an investigation, that is, Jaguar F-PACE’s top model, official guidance price The 2021 340ps R-Dynamic Se is 598 million yuan. Here, we will explain it as mainly, but because the top match of Jaguar F-PACE is a 3.0T model, it will be slightly different from the 2.0T model, and it has a big difference with the 2.0T model. It will also lead to a large insurance price, so we also selected a 2.0T standard model (2021 250PS) of the second high (2021 250PS) as a special example, and the relevant amount will be given at each paragraph.

Regarding its insurance, we chose three responsibilities of 1 million yuan, car damage insurance, car owners’ liability insurance (driver and passengers 20,000 yuan) as its business insurance coverage. Jaguar F-PACE needs to pay for the first year of commercial insurance probability is about 14,500 yuan. Plus 950 yuan of traffic insurance and 1800 yuan car ship tax (2.5-3.0L (including)), the first year of insurance costs is about 17,300 yuan. If it is a 2.0T standard model of Jaguar F-PACE, the total cost of the first year is about 12,700 yuan (car boat tax only 420 yuan).

Of course, many insurance companies are currently pushing 2 million yuan in the three responsibilities, the price is only a few hundred yuan more than 1 million yuan, and individual companies can upgrade to 2 million yuan for free. In general, at this level, some of the owners will purchase 2 million yuan, and now there is more than 2 million yuan to buy 2 million yuan.

When we calculate in three years, if the vehicle does not have a claim, with the decrementation of the premium, Jaguar F-PACE actually has three years of insurance costs within 38,000 yuan, average About 12667 yuan per year. The three-year actual insurance cost of Jaguar F-PACE standard (2.0T) is approximately 28,000 yuan, an average of approximately 9,313 yuan a year.

Maintenance costs

In terms of maintenance costs, the cost of the Land Tiger Jaguar F-PACE is about 1600 yuan (replacement oil machine filter), the maintenance of the oil machine filter, air conditioner Filter filter is approximately 2,900 yuan, great maintenance (except for the above conventional items, it is also required to replace but is not limited to, the following items: the cost of the transmission oil, spark plug, and brake fluid is between 3300-8000. It should be pointed out that Jaguar F-PACE standard (2.0T) is exactly the same as the top (3.0T) maintenance item, but the price is lower, small maintenance is cheap about 200 yuan, China maintenance is about 600 yuan, big maintenance Up to 1,300 yuan. In terms of maintenance cycle, the official suggests a maintenance per 10,000 kilometers or 12 months. Because it is an imported car, there is no first insurance policy, but the general and local dealers are detailed, how much can be sent once.

With a large number of car cycles, Jaguar F-PACE needs to pay for 3 years / 60,000 kilometers. The total maintenance cost is about 18,600 yuan, that is, an average annual need is about 6200 yuan. If it is a standard model of Jaguar F-PACE, it takes about 15600 yuan, an average annual approximately 5,200 yuan.

fuel consumption

Chery Jaguar Road Tiger Jaguar F-PACE Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (NEDC) fuel consumption is 8.5L / 100km. However, due to too little sample, we did not find the measured fuel consumption of Jaguar F-PACE (3.0T), but according to the NEDC fuel consumption according to the Jaguar’s model, about 3-4L / 100km, due to Jaguar F-PACE is SUV The model, so we will calculate the highest value, that is, the fuel consumption is about 12.5L / 100km, use 95 # gasoline, the latest 95 # gasoline prices are about 7.4 yuan / liter, kilometers, we use a year to drive 20,000 Kili to do a reference. It should be pointed out that the NEDC fuel consumption of the Jaguar F-PACE standard (2.0T) is 7.7 L / 100km, so we speculate that its actual fuel consumption is about 11.7L / 100km.

Use kilometers * per kilometer fuel consumption * oil price, Jaguar F-PACE (3.0T) The fuel cost of one year is approximately 18,500 yuan, with an average of 1542 yuan per month. We speculate that the fuel cost of the Jaguar F-PACE standard model (2.0T) is about 17,316 yuan, with an average of 1443 yuan per month.


We will add the above insurance expenses, maintenance costs, and fuel consumption, you can get the cost required for Chery Jaguar Jaguar F-PACE. Note: We do not have a statistically car battles, parking fees, road fees, etc., mainly because these costs are too different from person to person, and there is no universal reference standard.

The amount of insurance expenses for one year is about 17,300 yuan (first year), maintenance costs are about 6200 yuan, and the cost of fuel consumption takes 18,500 yuan. The cost of total needs is 42,000 yuan. In other words, Jaguar F-PACE (3.0T) average monthly cost is 3,500 yuan. If calculated according to the three-year insurance average, the average annual insurance cost is 12667 yuan, then the average annual spending is 3,7367 yuan, and the average monthly is 3114 yuan. And if it is a standard Jaguar F-PACE (2.0T), we expect the cost of a total of approximately 35216 yuan, about 2935 yuan per month; if insurance calculates according to the three-year average, average year The total cost is about 31829 yuan, with an average of 2652 yuan per month.

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