The new 2019 Mercedes-Benz Vito country six upgrade Rights

2019, paragraph six upgraded models Fujian Benz Vito country Maybach VST680 car to the shop now, after 30 days, 720 hours, and strive to three engineers from the Mercedes-Benz van becomes king s top high-end MPV commercial vehicle of the Maybach . The following picture for the new domestic national emission standards for six Fujian Benz Vito Maybach VST680, interior standard can use VST780, VST880, VST980 Fujian Benz V260L, import VITO Vito, modified version of the ink on the import V250L Middle East Dubai edition version, which is priced at 30 Wan between -168 million, or more information, please call the telephone number at the bottom of the article ———- sales consultant: Shen slightly.

2019, paragraph

benz Vito V260L Maybach VST680 front face of the original tears halogen headlights upgraded LED lamp, the entire grille upgrade Fujian Mercedes-Benz V260L face before, and the overall appearance and V260L import V250 modified VS680 same.

Cockpit: Vito VS680 entire country six consoles were Maybach leather-wrapped steering wheel steering wheel upgrade to the original plastic mahogany steering wheel, plus a 14.1-inch center navigation and entertainment touch screen, voice playback song.

for main copilot Maybach beige leather upgraded middle increase 3000KW inverter refrigerator, with hot and cold cup holder, Aft front touch screen, the backrest increase Cho plate Maybach simple and convenient operation.

The conversion and upgrade of imported Vito V250 Maybach VST680, second row using the upgrade section Maybach air seats, half from the original Dodge elongation becomes full the orientation of elongated leg care. And is equipped with Maybach Mercedes logo. The seat is equipped with features: heat, massage, ventilation, the front and rear electrically adjustable, electrically adjustable backrest, adjustable electric rotating 360 degrees, electric lift leg rest, the electric power-adjustable headrest lift, USB interface, a memory key seat whole body school design the perfect application plus Maybach hand-embroidered pillow.

The new Maybach VS680 Vito converted six national standard / V250VST680 vehicle segment on Italian imports Alcantara (阿尔坦喀拉) black suede, dirt / wear, soft, high-grade. Wall Maybach emitting side B-pillar, the lower hand embroidery increasing snow, luxury dignified, simple yet refined.

Six countries are cars Maybach Benz Vito increase cool roof VS680 vibrato Laosilaisi (Su Su Hey Hey) discoloration of the top stars, and with four optical fibers Maybach roof, almost the same as the original Maybach S680. Aluminum roof racks and increase the tail with a laser engraved Mercedes-Benz logo, never a shortage of high-end.

at the end: 2019 Mercedes-Benz Vito Six Nations Elite Edition / Business Edition without modification VS680 seven flat-top cut off commercial vehicle emissions 2.0T turbocharged long width and height: 5370mm / 1928mm / 1880mm wheelbase 3430mm, this blue card C, ambulation library card on the country, the national stage.

VIP hotline 24 hours a devout for your service —- Sales Consultant Tel: 159-1079-9765 Shen Weiwei (with micro-channel)

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