The new BMW 5 Series Touring spy is expected to debut in mid-2020

Recently, some overseas media exposure of a group of new BMW 5 Series Touring models spy. BMW family car uses the latest design, while the interior configuration for the upgrade, expected to debut in mid-2020.

From the outside, the new car with previous exposure plug 5 based hybrid vehicles are basically the same. New car headlight angel eye shape is similar to using a brand-new BMW 3 Series, its LED daytime running lights design is more simple and straight. Of course, the new car at the front and tail as well as a disguise, is expected to grill, taillights, etc. compared to cash subject to change.

Interior view, does not change much on the overall design of the new car layout. But you can see that in the control screen size of new cars has increased, also expects its onboard infotainment system will also update to the latest version.

power, the new 5-series foreign media is expected to remain consistent with the current model, including 2.0T, 3.0T inline six cylinder engine. Of course, plug-in hybrid will continue to appear on the new car.

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