The new BMW X4 spy photos exposure will officially appear on August 27

Recently, we have obtained a set of new BMW X4 in the domestic road trial spy photos. The car is mainly camouflage the head and the car tail. It can be seen that the appearance of the new model is also mainly concentrated. It is reported that The car will be unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show opened on August 27 this year.

The most intuitive change I think is this larger size double kidney front grille, which is currently BMW. A big trend in the design of the new model, in addition, the shape of the lower grille has also been adjusted. In addition, the pattern of the front headlights becomes thinner than the current, this big minor adjustment makes it more dynamic.

The degree of camouflage of the tail is significantly better than the front of the head, but it is still possible to see some changes, and there is a surrounding side of the lapse of the lapse. Design, and the shape of the exhaust tube is also changed to an irregular polygon, and it is expected that the post surrounds will be re-designed to highlight the movement and dynamic positioning.

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