The new design language family blessing! A whole new generation Kia Sorento renderings exposure!

increasingly fierce competition in the automotive market, as well as a variety of new forces repairer strong rise of independent brands, by challenging the traditional car prices is unprecedented, so the new release of frequency in recent years indeed rarely seen in history. As an integral part of the automotive market, Korean cars are also making their own efforts to promote the new products. Recently, we acquired two new generation Kia Sorento renderings from the relevant channels, the new car is expected to be starting debut in 2020.

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can be seen from the chart, rendering the car uses the new Kia family design language, the iconic “Tigers-style” grille in the area of ​​the old models has increased in comparison, and the both sides of the matrix type LED lamp set as a single entity, the overall sense of visual tension and are in place. Further, the overall shape of the new car is relatively Founder, to ensure that the passenger space of the vehicle the maximum extent, while the new five-spoke wheel is also large-sized vehicle momentum to add color.

[123 ] tail, the new car is the most important change that with a new style taillights, Tiger Claw to highlight the style is very recognizable. Bumper black plastic with a fake chrome-plated exhaust design, in terms of delicacy compared to the current model with no small improvement. As for changing the dynamic aspect is still not clear, foreign media have predicted possible new cars in terms of performance cars will be equipped with 290-horsepower 3.3T V6 engine, 185 horsepower and cash 2.4L engine self-priming may also be reserved, but not Add negative plug hybrid models.

to change the interior is also unknown, but based on the current Kia’s new models, we expect it will trim there are no small change, which function in the control and quality entertainment system inevitableIt has improved. Finally, the new car is expected to be officially starting debut in 2020.

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