The new family of smart Po Chun won the 2020 Guangxi “two sessions” service vehicles

[ Chexun Wang reported ] ldquo; 2019 years, we sweat pouring harvest, relaxed and with hard work ahead. rdquo; New Year’s Eve, 2020, President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year message, continue to inspire the whole Party Fen Ji forward in the new year. ldquo; 2020 is a landmark year, we will be building a moderately prosperous society, to achieve the first goal of a century. Let us seize the day and live Shaohua, to meet the arrival of 2020. rdquo; President Xi Jinping sonorous words, heroic oath, ardent concern, inspired people across the country before the power line, but also ignited the passion of millions of people struggle.

Vientiane update the smart family Guangxi ldquo; two sessions rdquo; escort

law back to Springfield gradually, beginning Vientiane update. January 11 –12 days, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Third Session of the Thirteenth People’s Congress and CPPCC second session of the three meetings held in the Great Hall of Guangxi. The new Baojun smart family new Baojun RS-5, RC-6, RS-3, RM-5 was awarded in 2020 ldquo Guangxi; two sessions rdquo; service vehicles, not only provides intelligent security car service for the delegates, also mark the new Baojun achieve a higher level of leap in the field of intelligent network-linked.

During the meeting, the new family of smart Po Chun in Nanning City National Plaza show, appeared in the region of all NPC deputies and CPPCC representatives and members of the public in front of Nanning, has been highly praised everyone , it represents a new direction in Guangxi intelligent manufacturing 2025 strategy. This year’s government work report should be made to build industrial internet platform to expand ldquo; Smart + rdquo ;, enabling to upgrade the manufacturing industries. By focusing on cutting-edge technology, to achieve high-quality development continue to inject strong momentum of industrial production, in order to encourage enterprises to comprehensive international development, which is the new Baojun brand vision can be said to coincide.

Guangxi to build new Baojun car manufacturing new smart card

The service 2020 Guangxi ldquo; rdquo ;, undoubtedly granted two sessionsAnd a medal new Baojun intelligent family. As a leader in the automotive industry in Guangxi, SAIC-GM-Wuling not only has a solid strength, product quality and reputation have been widely trust of the community. The new Baojun brand since its inception, will shoulder ldquo; create a new life travel rdquo; great mission, its family of intelligent compared to conventional cars, from the exterior, the interior features to the core technology has a revolutionary transformation, and establish since the field of intelligent network linking the new benchmark, with many users stand together to promote the development and change in Guangxi region and the era.

technology upgrades, network-linked systems in the iteration, but the new Baojun not changed, is for users to build early heart the wisdom of moving travel experience, has always been committed to providing a wide range of intelligent travel solutions. With the advent of the era of 5G, the new Po Chun will achieve full coverage from the global to the driver, full-time online from the car to the outside of the vehicle, the real built up from closed to open full eco-travel ldquo; intelligent mobile space rdquo; , the transition from automobile manufacturer to travel service providers, user-centric, to provide users with service experience, leading to cross-border integration of the automotive industry has taken a firm pace.

in 2020 start at the beginning of the new Baojun Smart family in Guangxi ldquo; two sessions rdquo; service vehicles, not only reflect the Guangxi ldquo; two sessions rdquo; new Po Chun recognized the authority, but also means that the comprehensive competitiveness of the new Baojun brand onto a higher level. Standing on the new starting point, the new Baojun brand will not forget the beginning of the heart, before the fen oar row, trying to bring diverse mobile travel solutions for Chinese consumers, and build future-oriented mobile ecosystem wisdom of the whole scene!

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