The new Fit car real exposure! Can not continue to pass civilians supercar title?

Recently, some overseas media exposure of the spy photos of a real car brand new Honda Fit (fourth from left car start for the new Fit). Compared to the current model, the new Fit overall shape is more plump, very fine details of shape. According to previous information, the new car will debut at the October 23 opening of the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show.

From the picture, using an internal annular car headlight LED group daytime running lights, effectively enhance the recognition, the grid suspected added to the large area of ​​trim paint technology, compared to the lower air intake at the larger size of the current model, while the front with a lip designed to increase the offensive front face. Further, car body or to provide alternative color. Also equipped with a screen in the control suspension, and three-spoke steering wheel, having a sense of fashion. Moreover, from the shape of the car interior instrument spy photos of view, does not exclude the possibility of future car with full LCD meter.

power part there is no additional information, according to foreign media could be estimated car 1.0T is equipped with a three-cylinder engine, while the next version will also launch dual-motor hybrid models.

in the Internet rumors had known civilians supercar GK5 Fit because of the shutdown of the country’s six policy news, and we understand that cash did not stop production, not for regional implementation of national emission standards are still six regular supply. The new generation Fit is expected to debut in 2020 in the country, we see a new Fit can not maintain civilian supercar myth it.

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