The new force of the car in May, the sales list is released: the first, the ideal falls out of the top three

Have to say, today’s new energy automotive topics are not only in the car ring, but have already become people The hotspot discussed after the meal. In the face of this has not yet reclamated fertile soil, in addition to the original traditional automakers accelerate the pace of transition, there are also many new potentials, both sides hope to lay out in advance during this transition, and prepare the next wave of waves. ‘s arrival

Every day in the month, the new forces car companies will announce their own sales transcripts on time, and the movements are faster than traditional cars. A lot. So in May, how the new forces car companies ranked, is the top three still what we are familiar?

Delivery: 6711

Although the 7102 units were in April Slosing slightly, but still achieved 6,711 delivery volumes in May, a year-on-year increase of 95.3 percentage. It’s hard to imagine that in 2019, it is in the sustaining edge of the bankruptcy, and it turns over through policies and the finance of the local government, and it is also the first place in the new forces list.

At the same time, on the Nio Day of this year, the first new energy in the new energy of the new energy was released, except for more Outside the luxurious configuration, it is also a model that is equipped with a laser radar. It can achieve a higher level of auxiliary driving. In addition, it is also planned to speed up the second generation shift station, super charging station, and charging pile this year, completely root the troubles of users’ end anxiety.

In addition, it is a closed circle, forming a closed circle, forming a closed circle by extension, after the sale, second-hand car service, new car service is closed. Every link has a special one-on-one service, greatly enhances the user confidence and reputation.Don’t say anything else, as long as you have been to the sales center and participate in their offline activities, you will definitely praise the service.

NO.2: Xiaopeng Automobile

Delivery: 5686 [123

Although Xiaopeng delivering is lower than the 蔚 来, we must know that under the premise of only Xiaopeng G3 and Xiaopeng P7 two cars, it is settled in a year-on-year increase, which is true. watch for.

Specific data, Xiaopeng P7 is definitely a real sales core, with delivery volume reached 3,797, accounting for 66.7 percentage of total. Moreover, in the previous period, two post-drive standard battery life is added, and the lithium iron phosphate battery is replaced. It has the price reduction of 20,000 yuan with the same configuration model with the three-yuan lithium battery, which effectively enhances the market competitiveness.

In addition, the Shanghai Auto Show will release the brand third new car Xiaopeng P5. The car is positioned in a compact sedan, and the family position should be in G3. Between P7, the price will be between 15-20 million, and the competitors lock new energy products in traditional cars. I believe that as the product line is more abundant, coupled with Xiaopeng fierce growth momentum, there is hope that the best of the first place.

No. 3: Which car

Delivery: 4508 [123

In a long time, the third place has always been ideal, but the car successfully entered the ideal in May, the first time I entered the list, on the one hand due to ideal one The new and old models are replaced, and on the other hand, the achievement of such results is inseparable from the efforts and progress of the car itself. Compared with other new power, the main market is different from the beginning, which is more inclined to go. Low-end route, I hope that more consumers can enter the new energy era in advance.

And in the first few months, 360 announced that there is a cooperation with which of the car, the two sides want to seek breakthrough in the safety of car network security, with Internet companies with technical support, I believe there will be more in electric vehicle information security. High attraction.

NO.4: Ideal car

Delivery: 4323 units

To tell the truth, Ideally, with a model for a long time, I have long-term maintenance in the list, indicating that the extension of the extension is recognized, but it is undeniable that it is difficult to let the brand continue to break through the brand. At the same time, the incremental extension only applies to the time point of the fuel car to the new energy, and will not resolve the charging and battery safety issues in the future, so I don’t have anyone to choose a reunite electric vehicle, so I want to launch a pure electric vehicle model as soon as possible. Otherwise, it is very likely to be weak.

At the same time, the last month Ideal One has just conducted a medium-term rehabilitation, and the new car focused on the driving assistance system. At the same time, it is also solved for the problem of user feedback, and the price of fuel tank volume and other issues. After the change, the new car is 338,000 yuan, the market competitiveness is still outstanding, I believe that with the new and old time, Ideally is expected Back to the top three positions.

Delivery: 3196 [123 ]

Zero-random brand is the opportunity to be learned by everyone is zero run S01. Although the official call it is a double-door coupe, but the extensive look is allowed to contract everyone a day. Humor. Moreover, the power performance is also very weak, the maximum power is 125kW, the peak torque is 250 nm, which is completely confidently the title of its coupe, so the initial impression of the zero run is not good.

The model that truly giving zero running is T03. As a mini electric vehicle price of 5.98-7.58 million yuan, the monthly sales volume is close to 3,000 units, and the sales of the entire brand is basically contracting.

Further, the sprint is still launched last year, the new medium SUV zero run C11, the official price is 15.98-19.98 million yuan, NEDC comprehensive battery life mileage According to the different models cover 480-600km. After playing for so many years, the result is not returned to the mass line, and can only say that the initial judgment of the zero run management will miss the chance of development.


comprehensive, although sales between brands have high low, data The difference in the difference is very small, so now the new power camp has not said that it is really splitting a line or second line, and any car companies have the possibility. In the next few years, there is a group of Internet cars entering the field, and the battle is getting more and more intense.

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