The new Ford Ranger picotic spy photos exposure will debut in 2022

Recently, we have obtained a new car spy photos of a new generation of Ford Ranger Picard from overseas media. A new generation of Ranger or a family design similar to the new F-150 and will debut in 2022.

In terms of appearance, since the camouflage is too thick, it is difficult to find a new generation of Ranger’s overall changes, but from the headlight group In the details, it seems to have maintained a high degree of highness of F-150, and does not rule out the possibility of future new cars adopting similar face design.

Compared to the front, the tail light details of the new generation of Ranger are significantly exposed, which uses vertical arrangements, widening or will be arranged in The outside of the lamp cavity. According to foreign media, a new generation of Volkswagen Amarok and a new generation of Ford Ranger will share the platform, in addition to 2.2T / 3.2T gasoline engine, 2.2T / 3.2T diesel engine, will also be provided by 2.3T gasoline The engine and motor consisting of plug-in hybrid systems, and the power of 10-speed automatic gearbox is matched. (Image Source: Motor1)

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