The new generation Toyota 86 is officially released! Introducing domestic and seeing it!

After the new generation of Subaru BRZ last year, the car fans were worried about the limitations of “coffee rules” (the average fuel consumption of enterprises), Subaru will not introduce them to the country, and finally China fans have to be with this. The civilian running car that is very driving fun. Ok, the company has a larger volume, and Toyota, which has more mixed models. Toyota has recently released a new generation of GR 86.

Left: GR 86 / Right: BRZ

This time, the 86 model is officially classified into Toyota’s GR sports brand, and the number of car is also from 86 Rainted to GR 86. In terms of appearance, GR 86 and Brz’s largest difference focuses on the front face of “honey smile” on Different BRZ. The front surrounding of GR 86 is obviously more tough, with Nissan Fairlady 400z has the same integrity.

Gr 86 has a long width height of 4265/1775 / 1310mm, respectively. The wheelbase is 2575mm. Compared with the old model, the length of the car has increased by 25mm, the height is reduced by 10mm, and the change is not large. However, like the new BRZ, GR 86 also uses aluminum material in the roof and wing plates. In addition, the lightweight seat is added, so the center of gravity of the whole vehicle will decrease. At the same time, it has been strengthened, and the torsional rigidity of GR 86 has increased by 50%. In terms of vehicle weight, GR 86 is more than 20kg than the old paragraph, which is 1270kg.

Perhaps because of the powerful 2.4L engine, the new generation GR 86 finally used the 18-inch rim However, the 215mm tire width also predicted that it will continue the old model, anytime, anywhere, and want to drift the feature.

The new BRZ car is still controversial “old Buick Junwei tail light” in GR 86 continues. This kind of obvious design orientation of North American users, it is inevitable that “lack

The interior style of GR 86 is still comparing “original”, which is good at the air outlets at both ends. To a certain extent, the interior is relieved, adding a variety of fun.

2.L engine is a weight show of a new car, in the creation of this FA24 When the engine, the engineer retained the 86mm stroke of the previous 2.0L engine, boosted the displacement to 2.4L by extending the cylinder diameter from 86 mm to 96mm. The operation of this expanded cylinder diameter will undoubtedly further strengthen the Gr 86 high-transgenic gene, let The driver can release more adrenaline in the high speed interval.

At this time, the increase in the increase in the base displacement, this 2.4L The maximum power of the engine is raised from the old 2.0L of 207 hp / 7000 rpm to 235 hp / 7000 rpm, the maximum torque is raised from 212 nmIDDOT; M / 6400-6800RPM to 250 nmiddot; m / 3700 rpm. Not only the high speed interval is more embarrassing. And the old 2.0L engine weak low tissue is also improved .0-100km / h accelerated time from 7.4 seconds from the old model to 6.3 seconds.


It is still a 6-speed manual gearbox and the love letter 6AT gearbox. It is definitely able to meet the needs of fans.

It is reported that the new generation of GR 86 will take the lead in Japan this fall. As for whether it enters the Chinese market, there is currently no exact news. But consider To Toyota is preparing to have a strategy of China’s deep-moving GR brand. This car is probably just a morning and evening. And as a fans, we can just expand your wallet with this time window. Because with 2.4L engine Application, GR 86 importThe tax fees to China will also increase, and Toyota has to sell more fuel consumption by selling more mixed models. As a result, GR 86 probability is difficult to maintain the price range of 27.78-287,800 last model. At this time, if you take into account the lack of competitive models Subaru Brz, and the recent Supra sold to 56 million, it is probably the threshold of GR 86 in China has further improved further …

[123 ] If the new GR 86 landing price is close to 400,000, can you accept it?

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