The new Honda Civic Hatchback officially unveiled the future will introduce domestic

Recently, the new Honda Civic Hatchback was officially unveiled overseas. The biggest highlight of the car was a more sporty hatch-style design. The system has no essential difference between the car and the sedan version, and the difference is that the 6-speed manual transmission can be provided.

In terms of design, the front face design and sedan version of Honda Civic Hatchback did not essentially difference, still sharp-hearted The nunwatch design, but it can be seen that the design of the tail is very different from the sedan version, and the shape of the taillights also has a significant difference. It has a huge “C” character contour, and the tail row uses bilateral total two-in design.

Interior, new cars and thought sedan versions are consistent, using Honda’s latest minimalistic design concept, with full LCD Instrument panels and large-sized central touch screens, in addition, high-profile versions are also equipped with multi-speaker BOSE advanced audio systems.

Dynamic system, the new Honda Civic Hatchback will be equipped with 2.0L natural intake engine, power 158 horsepower, torque 187 cattle, and a 1.5T engine, Power 180 horsepower, torque 240 cattle, rice, in addition to matching CVT stepless gearbox, can also provide 6 gear manual gearbox, which is also the greatest difference from the sedan.

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