The new Honda Civic hatchback version of the patent diagram exposure appearance change

A few days ago, we received a set of new generation Honda Civic hatchback version of the model of patent map from overseas media. Overall new car design is more gentle, but it looks more stretch atmosphere. It is reported that new car or even 2022 will be released later in 2021.

appearance, as compared to the current model the new Civic softer angular details of the design, modeling more sides of the headlight narrow, somewhat similar to the Honda Accord headlights look. Air grille and headlights on both sides together to form the through design, enhance the visual front width. Enclosing pattern has also changed before a new car, the third type more dynamic design, the opening area of ​​the intermediate cooling is greater.

side of the body, still continues hatchback car fastback design, straight body side from the front waist through to rear, while new car with a decorative strip along the roofline, and more reflect the new car’s fastback styling, enhance the overall sense of a new car.

[media exposure of new Honda Civic sedan spy]

Also note that the new Civic sedan models may be return to the traditional sedan body styles, from our previous spy photos point of view, the sedan model’s tail will highlight the “rear” design, which can be distinguished from the hatchback version of the model the better area.

the rear portion, the rear end of the car a small Monochoria extending spoiler, a tail light is used throughout the design , taillights more flat sides compared to the current model, the interior of the LED lights is also very recognizable pattern. It is interesting that the car does not leave Patent FIG position corresponding to the exhaust gas, most likely using the new car exhaust hidden design, but may also have a corresponding version to the different styles of attachments shape to surround the projection exhaust section.

on a new car interiors and configuration, we do not get more accurate information. The power system, in addition to the traditional pure fuel power, Honda’s latest e: HEV hybrid system in the future will appear on the new car. SimultaneouslyAs a leading global Honda models, the new car does not rule out the possibility of pure electric cars and hybrid plug the future launch.

[Honda Civic new generation path shidie TYPE R]

In addition, the next generation will be the Honda Civic are all transferred to a derived models all of North America plant, and has confirmed that the model will continue to have the next generation of Si Civic TYPE R models and models, and models likely TYPE R 2.0T turbo four mounted, and with an electric hybrid system composition, the maximum power which the system or more than 400 horsepower standard.

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