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The new Kia Jiahua listed! Buy 290,000 losses?

On the evening of September 13, Kia new MPV Jiahua officially listed in China, the new car belongs to Jiahua’s 4th generation model, all equipped with 2.0T engines A total of 4 configurations were launched, 28.89-33.99 million yuan in the price range.

According to the above table, in the 4 different configuration models of Jia Jahua, the medium and low models are more recommended. In addition, the two configurations of Jiahua can be understood as a low-profile luxury version of the factory brought two options, and the recommended index is not so high compared with the top model.

Kia Jiahua’s shape design is not a traditional MPV round greasy style The muscles have a strong and hard line, which looks a bit refreshing. A flat hood, as well as a heavy head, looks a little SUV taste.

The side and the tail also use a very tough design, which makes Jiahua become a circle, short car head, fat body MPV Among them, it looks the most tone.

The side visual effect of Kaja’s body is also biased towards the style of SUV. The design of longitudinal head can not only make the vehicle look more coordinated. Can increase the buffer of the head and improve the safety of collision. In terms of size, the three of Jiahua, San, and GL8 are basically the same level, but because Jiahua and Tournament have considered the needs of the US market in the R & D stage, the body width is close to 2 meters, while GL8 is designed for China The model developed by the market, so the body width is relatively narrow. For urban use, 2 meters of body width is still more affected by use.

In the body coloring, this time, Jaja offers 4 colors of star rain blue, extremely light black, pearl white, starry ash. There areThe bead white looks the largest dimension, and the star is blue is the color of this Jiahua. As for gray and black, it is a comparison of conventional colors that meet MPV business properties.

In the interior design, Jiahua uses the currently popular cross-screen design, and the central console line is relatively simple. Too exaggerated or strange design, in line with its home MPV positioning.

On the interior color matching, Jiahua provides black + brown, black + gray, and beige + brown three-color matching Interiors belong to very home color style. However, it should be noted that the Jiahua full-line seat is light, and the children in the family should all know that children are very easy to get food, or foot seat, light seating. Cleaning will be more troublesome.

On the seat layout, Jiahua has 7 layouts of 2 + 2 + 3. And since its third row seat can be folded below the third row, even in the 7 states, the trunk still has a very spacious storage space. In the four states, the third row seat can be fully folded under the floor to form a huge storage space.

Dynamic, Jiahua is equipped with a 2.0T engine, the maximum power 233 hp, the maximum torque 353nmiddot; M, matches 8AT gearbox And the front wheel driver, meets no problems in daily use. And this 2.0T engine only needs to add 92 gasoline, which is also an advantage for post-expenditure.

After returning to the car model, let’s take a look at Jiahua’s specific How is the configuration. The first is the minimum distribution, priced by a deluxe version of $ 2.89,800. As the minimum modeling, Jiahua’s standard configuration is very rich, such as 7 airbags, with a full-speed domain ACC and lane-held L2-level automaticDriving assistant, front and rear double sunroof, reversing image, double 12.3-inch large screen, car network, mobile phone key, front two-seat seat heating, all LED headlights, back row independent air conditioning, back row privacy glass, rear shade shade They have made all standards.

Further, as an MPV model, Jiahua also standards two-side electric side slide doors, electric rear alias, and second The seat is also standard, left and right, left and right, plus spacious space, the lowest matching Jiahua, is enough to satisfy everyday use. However, the minimum models also have a small regret. For example, the co-pilot seat is still manual adjustment, and only the reversing image, there is no panoramic image function, and the panoramic image is necessary for the model of Jiahua.

On the basis of the deluxe version plus 11,000 yuan, it can be upgraded to a luxury science and technology model price of 299,900. This version can be understood as On the basis of the luxury version, a set of similar [technology package] configuration, more panoramic images, parallel assist, blind zone warning, side-line vehicle side blind zone image function. This system can instantly minimize the view of Jiahua’s perspective, whether it is high-speed, or through the interior, can easily facilitate the driver to observe the situation around the vehicle.

In particular, the blind zone image function is arranged on the left and right rear view mirror, when the turning lamp on a side is turned on, The vehicle automatically captures the image captured by the outer backward mirror of this side to the circular area corresponding to the dashboard. Left turn, is to display the left side, right steering, display the right side, very convenient.

Maybe there will be a classmate, spend 1.1 million to buy a set of panoramic images and parallel assistance, I will go to the auto parts in the auto parts in the late stage. Can not use so much money! Here is to popularize a new knowledge point. Most of the new cars began to be equipped with the OTA upgrade feature based on the car network. The OTA system package pushed by the manufacturer is based on the original state, if the later plus Other deputyFactory configuration, there is a problem that OTA failed, and the vehicle is paralyzed. Especially for this new car that has just introduced to China, the market modification is still immature, and it is very probability that the vehicle OTA function is invalid. Therefore, in the era of the National OTA, we recommend that you still don’t have the ability to change the interior of the car in the later period. Therefore, the use of reliability, as well as the practical perspective, the price of 299,900, is our most recommended version, recommended index 5 stars!

If 31,000 yuan is added on the basis of [Deluxe], you can buy a luxury exclusive purchase price of 319,900, This version can be understood as based on the deluxe version, the original factory is equipped with a set of 31,000 [exclusive package]. In terms of configuration, the leather hole seat, the secondary driving 8 is added to the electric adjustment, the covar seat owner key, the front two-seat seat ventilation, and the second row chair leg support. It can be seen that the main configuration of luxury enjoys will tend to comfort, and the whole vehicle is better, but there is no panoramic image system on the scientific and technological models, as well as blind zone assistance.

So, you need to make it here, and add 11,000 panoramic images and blind zones on the basis of the minimum luxury version. Add 310,000 to buy a leather seat, leg, seat ventilation? Simply, if everyday personal driving is more, or buy an MPV map it is practical, the space is large, so spending 1.10,000 to buy panoramic images and blind zone assistance will be more practical. And if you want to make the family of the back row to get the most comfortable experience, or to take into account certain business needs, then add 31,000 to buy a more comfortable back row configuration. Comprehensive, priced price of 319,900 luxury enjoyment, recommended index 4 stars.

The last is the top of the full range, the price of 339,900 is available. This version can be understood in order to put all the scientific and technological paragraph (110,000) + respect (31,000) configuration, and then increase the URS exclusive configuration (above the yellow word configuration), the price is compared Deluxe version is $ 51,000. Come down,It is equivalent to the URS exclusive configuration value of 9,000 yuan.

In terms of specific configuration, the flagship version is except for the seat ventilation, panoramic image, and the like, and there are exclusive 12 speakers. The force sound, steering wheel heating, main driving seat memory, car atmosphere light, car outside welcome light, back row dialogue model and other configurations. Taking into account the comprehensive difference between its 9,000 yuan, it is more cost-effective. (Krell Qi Li, everyone may be more unfamiliar, this is an acoustic brand from the United States, with high-power amplifier, Qi Li’s car audio is jointly developed by modern vendor Mobis and Qi Li, once 2019 won the German Red Dot Design Award.)

This is especially true that Jiahua’s back row dialogue mode is fed by driving The microphone of the staff, as well as the camera on the top of the car, the driver can communicate directly with the back row passengers through this dialogue. If you say it, you will be broadcast, such as waking up the passenger who sleeps in the third row. Or or the passengers give the back row introduce features such as the attractions that are about to pass. In terms of configuration, the flagship version is indeed very complete, whether it is comfort, practical, and technology-based configuration. However, considering its price of 339,99. It is very inconvenient, and domestic consumers are generally not so high when buying the Korean car, so this top-bearing flagship version is only very sufficient for those budgets, while specializing in Jiahua. Users of this car, integrated recommendation index 3 stars.

said that Jiahua’s competitors, then she had to mention the same The Toyota race that is about to be opened. These two cars have the same home MPV positioning, similar size, similar space. If the pricing of the 27-37 million pricings of the race is true, then the pricing of the two cars in the game is also in the same level.

The game has several major advantages compared to Jiahua. The first is the brand, FengIn any period, the influence of in the Chinese market is much greater than that of Kia, especially considering the number of Toyota 4S shop and the customer flow of the car, even if Jiahua and the game are new models. That will also become the one that is well known by consumers. It is more difficult to discuss Jiahua because the brand is low, it will want to get extensive recognition.

Second, the power system, as a home MPV, consumer is the most intended to be comfortable, and the 2.5L mixing system of Sauna Comprehensive power 249 horsepower, compared to 233 horsepower in Jiahua 2.0T, and in terms of fuel consumption, Toyota’s hybrid system has almost rolling advantages.

Jiahua’s advantage is that the installation of low-equipped models should be a lot of rich, according to TNGA era, the style, basics In addition to security configuration, other probaches, such as front and rear seat heating, vehicle network, etc., is not equipped. In addition, Jiahua’s interior design is more exquisite, and the game is also a simple and practical style.

However, the advantages of interiors and configurations, in front of Toyota, word-of-mouth, preservation rate, power assembly, etc. Still look pale. And the currently known race has used a single car online booking mode, which can avoid the increase in increase in a certain extent. Jiahua wants to succeed in the new round of household full-size MPV, and 3-50,000 terminal offers may not be avoidable.

Of course, all discussions are built in Sauna, which is the same as in the past 27-37 million. If the price is more than 300,000, Jiahua gives a certain discount, the price difference between the two is likely to reach 50,000 pieces, Jiahua naturally has the opportunity to take the part of the sales.

As for gL8, Jiahua does not form a too direct competitive relationship with GL8, because Jiahua mains is home market, and GL8 has no shake in domestic business reception market, two models in different fields, it is difficult to have Too many intersections. Therefore, Kehua can succeed, it is necessary to watch the pricing after the listing of Toyota, in October, and whether there will be a large amount of increased price …


With the release of domestic three-child policy, MPV has gradually become the first choice for many families, for this, 2021 At this point of time, I will have a variety of sizes, and all kinds of MPV models such as Jiahua, Tour, Cuspou, and even Wuling Kaijie. This is actually a certain extent, after passing through the sedan sedan, SUV, the new energy vehicle blown development, MPV is likely to become a category of a well-in-blow development in the Chinese market.

It is undeniable that Jiahua’s pricing is indeed more expensive than imagination, but considering its CKD (imported parts, domestic assembly) identity, The cost is slightly high. More importantly, its competitors Toyota, which have not yet been listed. It has already been queued to pick up the car next year. It is officially announced in the competition. Before returning to rational market, Jiahua still has no direct opponent. Therefore, if you are anxious to buy a large MPV, buy Jiahua is no problem; but if you are not in a hurry, wait for the market after the market is listed, it is not too late.

Do you think sales of Sauna may be taken by Jiahua?

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