The new Land Cool Road, the six-cylinder, the displacement free era, the traditional large SUV ended

The current era, environmental protection and electric vehicles are tightly linked together, and they are the subject of this car age. The last displacement of the car is not falling, and we have helpless, there is a compromise.

Under the new era, a unit of electric vehicles in the routine, charging time, which is more like a ministerial technology product. The previously loved internal combustion machine model is getting less; now there is a hard-send SUV to release a new replacement model, which has a compromise and a quot left by the previous car era; stubborn quot;

In the 14 years ago, Toyota was launched in the Australian International Auto Show, which launched the replacement model of the current land cruiser. It has no translocation change in 14 years after this. Hard vendor SUV pursuit reliability is not easy to use new technologies, but it is really a bit for 14 years.

Ok, let’s wait for it, how will this traditional large SUV integrate into the current car era?

What is the hardship SUV such as Land Cool Luze still needs?

First, it is still necessary for it to meet the new new paragraph, is it still needed?

The hardist SUV is actually a consumption, this is the ear; the factual performance is true, the image of the high-spirited, the high price after the big displacement, and the high price after the arrival make the owner to say it. Child, and there are also many SUVs in the city. So, I think this is right, but there is still a supplement.

For humans, this behavior to explore new things is unable to stop; so people invenously invented cross-country vehicles, which are now hard-owned off-road vehicles. It carries people’s needs in production work, subject test surveys, and off-road exploration, and these needs are always existing.

The above needs is that the mainstream SUV products must not be satisfied. They are biased towards home, so the SUV market is gradually peeled off, and their roles are unable to be replaced by other products.

But this time Rand Cool Luze has two hands prepared, it is also ready to enter the city. The Land Cool Road of LC300 was replaced this time, perhaps the model of GR-S is a re-adjustment of the GR department on the basis of the GR department based on the GR department.

There is just need to exist, then this hard-paid off-road SUV is needed; but you said, is this GR-S let you use it? Anyway, I don’t believe it.

How to deal with emission reduction, electricity?

The news of the new Rand Cool Luze has been transmitted online. Several core points tell you, the new external modeling design, based on the new TNGA-F platform, use non-carrier body, internal combustion engine still It is the only driving force.

However, as a new model under TNGA architecture, the new Rand Cool Luze LC300’s power system has a bit change, and the new car bid farewell to V8 engine, and the Toyota 3.5L V6 twin turbocharged engine is replaced.

However, this 3.5L double turbocharged engine is better than the previous 5.7L V8 engine than the previous 5.7L V8, and the book data is very good. The maximum power is 310kW, the maximum torque is 600 cow middot; rice, has exceeded the power data of the old 5.7L V8 engine. What’s more, it is a large size SUV. In exchange, the first guarantee must be enough to use. Fortunately, there is no V8 and V6 can be used. If you have any questions, Toyota THS II technology is already mature. Don’t you mix LC300?

It is not not available, it may have to be in 2030.

At the Shanghai Auto Show on April 19 this year, Toyota announced its global electrical strategy, and the Australian subsidiary suggests that the plan is an electrified solution for LC. Shawn Middot, Vice President of Toyota Australia, Sales and Marketing; Han Li: We will continue to assess the Australian market and add new power assemblies before 2030, including all of our models, except for GR performance models.

Lenovo, the mixed type of the new Rand Cool Luze should not use the mixing system of Toyota THS II dual motor, becauseIt is too heavy; instead may use a lightweight single motor light mixing system is its best choice, this can refer to the mixed model of the Jeep Wrangler.

If it is really mixed, then the four-drive system of Rand Cool Luze may be four-wheel drive from full-time four-driven components, and then use 2WD mode in urban roads in urban roads. It is very friendly for the fuel consumption.

Very good, solve this big problem can also be tied in the city, this is not two full beauty? What we have to do is only saving money and waiting, will it still appear in the Chinese market?

Entering the Chinese market, maybe?

Due to the domestic market for the national five-to-replacement Six emission standards, Land Cool Luze bid farewell to the Chinese market from the single channel of parallel imported cars.

However, after using TNGA architecture, Toyota has been advocated by the global development of a single model, such as Lexus ES to start selling in Japan. The fourth generation of Hanlanda landed in the European market. In this way, we can also speculate that the new Rand Cool Luze as the TNGA architecture may also be the model of global development.

So, this generation of new Dool Lu Ze is ready to face the regulatory requirements in the next few years. In addition to this nose of the electric car in Australia, the United States returned this year. The Paris Agreement, Europe’s 2026 will launch the European 7 emission standards and China’s current national 6 emission standards.

In theory, it is likely to enter the Chinese market. According to news on June 7, Toyota brand new Land Cool Luze has already had a large number of models to arrive in China’s port, which does not exclude it to enter domestic sales with official imported. Because parallel importers currently need OBD immunity to declare; so there must be in the premise of selling models in the country, in order to be sold in parallel imports.

Obviously, this time is too much to its strip box. It is no longer an era of displacement, and can put the 5.7L V8 engine into the engine compartment, now Cautious considerate with a V6. We can foresee, this generation of Land Cool Luze LC300 may also be the last generation of Land, which is driving force.Cool Luze model, with the increasingly stringent emission standards, more and more restrictions on this big guy.

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