The new platform blessing the fifth generation of Lotus L. will be listed on April 12

Recently, bought the car network Buycar learned that the fifth generation of Beijing Hyundai Loun L will be listed on April 12, the new car pre-sale price range is 170,000 -21 million yuan, the fifth generation Zucheng l is equipped with the I-GMP platform The world’s first CVVD technology.

In addition to publication of pre-sale prices, the official also announced a series of preferential policies: 1, gift value 5000 yuan Factory sports kit; 2, buy a car down pay 10,000 yuan (including purchase tax), 3 years of interest-free; 3, 30 days can be refundable, 10% off, 2 years, 7.5% discount protection; 4, car purchase Give a PINKFONG limited version of the seat belt appease the doll.

The fifth generation of Township L is reduced to the design element of the Vision T concept car, and the front face pair of trapezoidal intake grilles and two side lines are connected. Visual experience of very science and avant-garde. After the new car, the windshield is created with the front draft style. The taillights in both sides uses the teeth-shaped design. The lower side is surrounded by a strong motion, and uses a bilateral single trapezoidal exhaust.

Dynamic, the fifth generation of Tuc’s winning L is equipped with 1.5T engine, maximum power 147 kW, peak torque 253 cattle MIDDOT; rice, this engine adopts the world’s first CVVD continuous variable valve duration technology, fifth Generation Lotus L has also applied REV matching technology to realize the instantaneous downside acceleration during the acceleration process (the traditional downshift time is 0.8 seconds, and the REV matches 0.5 seconds).

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