The new public POLO road trial spy photos is fastest in 2022 in the second half of the year

Recently, we won a group of road test spy photos from overseas media. The new car will be based on the MQB A0 platform, the appearance is not changed, but draws on the design elements of the 8th generation golf. According to the planning of the current Volkswagen product line, the new car is at least in the first half of 2022 to the beginning of 2023.

From the spy photos taken, the new car does not cover the thick camouflage, but it is revealed a lot of details. come out. The forward gas grille of the replacement POLO is still through the intersecting design and is connected to both large headlights to enhance visual width. The new car headlight group is equipped with a double-layer “L”-shaped LED day runner, and its overall appearance is quite similar to the previous generation of golf. While there is a black sticker camouflage, it can clearly see the shape of the three-point design from the contour, in addition, according to the configuration of different models, the heat dissipation opening on both sides is also equipped with fog lights, all design let The overall shape of the new car head is relatively full.

Go to the side of the body, the new car waistline is very prominent, and the end of the front wing plate is penetrated to the tail, and the front and rear side flaps Slightly highlight the body with the wheel eye, match the two-five-spoke rim, so that the new car looks full.

The tail section, the new car is still equipped with a small spoiler, and there is still a little camouflage around the tail lights on both sides, but It may be some horizontal changes from its outline. After the new car is surrounded by a medium, but in the black area below it, the double-bilateral exhaust styling size is very amazing, although it is a very consistent fake exhaust, but the size is more than the Golf R-Line version. Also exaggerated. (Spy photos Source: motor1, autocar)

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