The new shop is now the price of 01 grams of lead car huge benefit limit

Recently, the Beijing 4S shop collar 02 grams of the highest full-line promotional offer comprehensive 1-3 million yuan, the shop is now ample car

Tips:! Call during the event car hotline have access to factory-sponsored (20000) decorative spree. We take into account the foreign customers to purchase a long way to Beijing, (car success) may be reimbursed for travel expenses [one-way train ticket to Beijing, high-speed rail tickets, airline tickets (limit two)] taking into unfamiliar foreign customers on the road. The Car Free Shuttle, welcome to shop car.


[] 2019, paragraph 123 grams collar 01 2.0T automatic pure Life version State VI

power Conference

15.88 Wan

power Conference

↓ 1-3 Wan [ 123]

power Conference

power Conference

[] 2019, paragraph 123 grams collar 01 2.0T automatic Yiu Pro version State VI

18.18 Wan

↓ 1-3 Wan

Power Conference [123 ]

[] 2019, paragraph 123 grams collar 01 2.0T automatic four-wheel drive version of the Energizer Pro State VI

20.08 Wan

↓ 1-3 Wan

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automobile market information change, specific price please contact your local dealer to discuss

the side view, 01 g of body lines stretch collar, two rising waistline added vigor, and column D car showing a clear downward trend seemed a stylish color. Body size, the length and breadth of which were 4512/1856 / 1657mm, wheelbase 2734mm, positioning a compact SUV. Taillights is a major highlight of the car, and concept cars to maintain a high degree of consistency.

collar 01 grams
model name guidance preferential margin [123 ]
15.28 Wan ↓ 1- Wan [ 123] [] 2019, paragraph 123 grams collar 01 2.0T automatic version of pure country VI
↓ 1.07 Wan [123 ] [] 2019, paragraph 123 grams of 01 2.0T automatic type collar version State VI 16.78 Wan
[] 2019, paragraph 123 grams of 01 2.0T automatic type collar Pro version State VI 17.78 Wan ↓ 1-3 Wan
At present a total of 6 grams collar section 01 configuration models, in addition to the configuration version pure Life (white only) and Yao Pro (only blue) of section 3 have respective corresponding apparent color (white or black + brown + red + black + white) Alternatively, this the new “Mars gold” will become the leading user-selectable 01 grams 6 colors, the color of the future is expected to be used in section 2019 subsection 01 grams collar configuration version to give users a richer color options.

crystal design internal use of energy, and integrated with the English LOGO, looks very fine, highly recognizable after lighting. In addition, the fresh model also uses a separate bilateral total of two leakage of exhaust layout, highlights the sporty (other version of the model is hidden exhaust design).

Power system, collar 01 will continue to be powered from g Drive-E series VEP4 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 190 horsepower (140kW), peak torque of 300 Nm middot; meters, and to provide two drive and four-wheel type options, 0-100km / h acceleration time were as 7.7 seconds and 7.9 seconds. Further, on a chassis of the car is high flatness, using McPherson independent suspension composition after addition of the multi-link.

Our commitment:

1. During the event the highest combined offer between 10,000 and 30,000 yuan.

2. Main bring their own ID card to the store to fill vehicle information, foreign customers call in advance sales manager formalities.

3. The Company solemn promise during the event the Company to purchase any sales models can enjoy the lowest price, buy expensive make up the difference.

4. We are all models in the sale of new goods regular car. You can enjoy the Genius Warranty policy. And it can be in any country a formal 4S shop factory authorized warranty repair and maintenance as well as the first free after.

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday (9: 00-17: 30)

Telephone: 18310168789 Manager Zhang (24 hours online)

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