The new Toyota GR86 is released or will be available in October

Recently, we learned from the official website that Toyota new generation GR86 was officially released online on April 5, and the new car replaced a new design, and used the same ultra-low center of gravity as BRZ, equipped with 2.4 liters level opposite four The cylinder engine, the maximum horsepower reaches 235, and further enhances the control performance.

There is a clear difference from the old model with the old model. The Chinese network uses a large-scale square grille of the GR car signboard, and the network Grid design, both sides of the fog lamp holder and intake holes are more aggressive than the old models, and the tail double exhaust gas plus the duck tail disturbances are more than a little bit.

The interior is used with a red black with a battle, equipped with a 7-inch TFT digital dashboard, and a 9-inch touch control screen, but The central control screen is not a suspension, but a traditional embedded.

The power configuration is also the same as the next generation of BRZ, equipped with 2.4 liters natural inhalation level opposing engines, can output 235 maximum horsepower and 250 Ni Maximum torque, match There is 6-speed hand wave and 6-speed hands self-integrated wave box. 0-100km / h accelerate from the past 7.4 seconds to 6.3 seconds, and performance performance is significantly improved.

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