The new US version of the Odyssey Spy Shots expected to be released in summer 2020

US version of the current generation Odyssey starting field in the opening of the January 2017 North American Auto Show 2017, has been available for nearly three years ago, near the mid-term facelift node. Recently, foreign media have exposed a road test spy photos of a group of US mid-term facelift version of the Odyssey models, the new car will be adjusted for the head and tail styling upgrade, and is expected to release in summer 2020.

From the spy photos, the front portion of the test car covers more camouflage, the new car is expected to be more substantial adjustment for the front face shape, headlight part of the design, grille, front surround, etc. are expected to be updated.

section sideways, the test car mainly for the bottom line of the side windows were covered with camouflage, but comparing the current model point of view, the shape of the region does not seem to change.

In contrast, less camouflage rear portion, a change point expected to be mainly concentrated in a region between the lower end of the tail lamp window, and a rear portion surrounding the molding. Currently no interior spy photos, the new car is not expected to be excessive adjustment of the design, configuration will only be upgraded.

Power, the new car is expected to follow the current model V6 3.5 liter naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 283 hp, 355 Nm of torque, the transmission system matching 10-speed manual gearbox. For more information about the new car, we will continue to focus.

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