The new version of the Middle East 20 models Nissan Patrol facelift 4.0XE are cars promotional zero profit

Middle East version of the 20 models Tule new facelift 4.0XE, before the impact face strong sense of overbearing tough line, the net area occupies the entire front face, and added chrome trim, creating the Nissan family front face . 20 imported models Nissan Patrol replace the outer enclosure people feel more hardcore, already gradually moving ultra-luxury full-size SUV. For more models please pay attention to the end of the article.

At present June last batch of 20 models of Nissan Patrol car market information: Model: Patrol Y62 20, paragraph 4.0 XE

[123 ] vehicle color: white vehicle within the vehicle black black black

configuration of the vehicle: the new surround, dual LED lights, front forty-four electric eye, tow hook, seven velvet seat manual ,, 2 gas, linked to the end of backup tire, refrigerator, cruise, multifunction steering wheel, a large screen, automatic air conditioning, aluminum wheels 18, multi-terrain mode, power folding mirror, tail, foot, metallic paint, a button to start the smart card.

20 models Tule interior is also simple and comfortable, the design of the control section compares with a sense of luxury, standard Japanese luxury car style, with a limousine usual four wind direction plate design, the thickness of the relatively close together hand aiming Piga solid wood materials, hand feeling good, another steering wheel powerful, integrated stereo, air conditioning control and Bluetooth car-free lift system that allows motorists safer in the road, do hands on the steering wheel. Patrol car with three rows of seven layout, spacious and comfortable seats that can bring more convenience and harmonious travel experience seven homes.

20 models of Nissan Patrol Y62 Middle East 4.0 interiors of both comfort and functionality. Still three-row models, the interior materials and more sophisticated, using leather, wood and aluminum spline as an embellishment to light colors, creating a relaxing driving environment. All in full compliance with the yacht design, spacious, comfortable, luxurious

bring out the perfect car, the whole family is designed to shine, while the entire section adding a more sleek body design transition, Eliminating the waist design on intuitive, but his strength among automobile market, hit a big name, with the level of off-road vehicles also can not be achieved. National stage to do

2020 the new patrol vehicle body length and breadth respectively, 5140mm, 1995mm, 1995mm, in addition to its wheelbase is 3075mm, the entire front face of view, increased the number of angular design, the headlights are integrated on a strip elongated beltline and tall, unique new, multi-angle reflective design portfolio, headlight aspects, natural simplicity of the front grille fence,

the company solemn promise: All our sales All US, EU, Canada Edition, the Middle East version, ink version of the model are certificate of regular imports of goods available nationally recognized issued by the Customs, consistency vehicle certificate, imported motor vehicle check list, formal invoices to ensure that all regions normally settled in, allowing you to buy comfortable, with the assured.

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The third layer of protection: the car that day procedures attendant to take away (off single, commodity inspection, conformity certificates, invoices, electronic information and two-dimensional code).

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