The next time, this Valli (toward) is now bought now!

In fact, in the domestic market, consumers’ car purchase options have always had two extremes, and one of them is the pursuit of young and sports, while the other is “chasing poetry and Distance, of course, this category is basically rounded by the SUV model.

But don’t forget, there is also a type of model in the auto market is the main feelings, leisure or even life attitude, that is, a travel car (can also be called tile wagon). The tournament is the earliest fire in the European market.

With the consumption upgrade of the domestic market, major brands have also introduced the roof pots in the domestic market, but the most deadly of the tile bottle is expensive! Most of the tiles in the market are now luxurious brand import models, so the tile type model is generally “called good seat” in the domestic market.

Integration, if you can have a self-branded brand of “tile cans”, then the road of tiles in the domestic market will be much better.

Heart is in life, new Baojun Valli (direction) officially listed

[123 In fact, in a self-owned brand, the Baojun has launched the RC-5W model before, which can be described as a wave of “tile cans.” And then stopping production and retreating is to brew a “Wang”.

This “Wang” is the new Baojun Valli (direction), and the consumer of “poetry and distant” has been working hard, June 10, Valli (direction) officially welcomed Listed, it will launch four configuration models, official guidance price ranges of 79,800 to 10.58 million yuan. From the perspective of price, Valli (direction) can already be “fire tongs”.

Valli (toward) is positioned in the RV, which is provided by Suihangqing, Snow Country, and Source Huang, Bohai Blue and Ancient City, five kinds of body color matchingIt is enough to reflect the emotion of the wag, and from its Yili pasture, Dali sky, the stars, and manual stop models of Moganyan Valley naming method, it is impossible to hinted the yearning for Valli (toward). Life attitude.

The most beautiful model + duplex, this time does not buy?

For the tile type model, its design is definitely “the most beautiful model”, no one is not accepting the refute. At Valli (toward), it is sufficient to see that although the family-style design style is used, this design is more coordinated and exquisite on Valli (direction), and its inverted distant dot matrix All chrome decoration, all this is just right.

In the side of the body, it is also the essence of the tile type model design, from the side of the side 45deg; angle It looks, you will feel Shuangshi and pleasure, Valli is the same, slightly declining the body with the rear through the genus M-shaped tail light design, run through the body with a smooth waist line, together with 4685 * 1806 * 185mm body size, its fashion and elegant, exquisite but more practical.

Benefits to the advantages of the trench type, Valli (towant) is more than 2700mm, worth One mentioned, its roof area is even 2.09m ⊃2; and therefore, the roof can install the roof tank with the heart, the roof tent is even put on two bicycles, quite a second change “duple” sense . In the case of entering the car, it will form a flat space after the second row of seats, and you can get 1620L of the car content and your “duplex” will also become “duplex”, this When I went to the distance, I lied flatly listening to the sky in the car. This may be the true value of the purchase of the ram.

Take care of the sedan driving quality, more technological high configuration

Of course, the tile type model is not only a space with the SUV model, but also It is because it is also perfectly taking into account the driving quality of the sedan. Valli (direction) all models are equipped with a 1.5T engine with a maximum power of 108KW, a peak torque 250 nmIddot; M.

In addition, Valli also uses new Baojun family design in the interior. Style, full liquid crystal meter, large-sized central control screen, and Valli will also become the first model with the car network version 2.0, whether it is speech control or system fluency and practicality. .

and Valli (direction) is also equipped with an ACC full speed domain adaptive cruise, LKA lane maintain assistant, AEB Automatic emergency braking, etc. Intelligent driving assistance, on the way to live towards life, can have a more relaxed, pleasant trip, believe it is more important than anything.

哆 哩 君:

In fact, Valli (direction) and Not just the representative of the new Baojun brand, and it is still supported by the development of China’s reshuffle production. Valli (direction) is also done, and it also releases an ecological chain product, such as a 500L roof suitcase, a 0 press mattress. For users who have “poetry and distant”, Valli (direction) may really be in their own eyes. For users who “next”, Valli (direction) can really “buy this time”.

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